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E-Book writing plays a salient part in furnishing a marketer’s information about a particular product or service in a delightful way that induces the target audience to take some action. EBook is a great idea for showcasing your proficiency and increasing your customer value. In 2019, 73% of eBooks were sold worldwide. Acknowledging the importance of eBook writing for your business, we have trained our eBook writers, at Inteliqo Research and Services, for presenting your content in a structural format that will magnify prospective customers and engage them in reading your eBook from the beginning till the end.

Why should you choose an eBook over a paperback?

The extensive use of the Internet has transformed physical books into eBooks.  These e-books are strongly preferred by young adults who find it more enjoyable to download eBooks on their smartphones instead of purchasing paperback from a physical bookstore.  Nearly 67% of people use major eBook selling platforms for selling their e-books globally.

No matter what subject you want to base your e-book, the main ingredient which plays the leading role in your content is  –  research.  Customers prefer eBooks which can be collected only after conducting deep research about the topic.

E-Book writing is a form of writing which requires special formatting like font size, italics, bold texts, and bulleted list to make it more eye-catching.

Why Hire Us?

Our professional eBook writers have gained expertise in writing nearly every genre of books.  We provide professional ebook writing services in a  wide variety of fields including business,  finance,  marketing,  technology,  education, entertainment, and many more.  Your readers do not want just the bullet points but also elaborate details on every crucial point of your e-book.

Here,  at  Inteliqo Research and Services,  our team of e-book writers offers in-depth solutions and will take charge in the process by delivering the exact data to your considerations.  The theme in your mind which depicts uncertainty will be assisted in a  structured manner by us that will enhance the solid shaping of your  E-book.  Moreover,  we will make a shot throughout the process in order to develop a useful and credible masterpiece for intended readers.  In addition to this,  our best output within a  limited time period.

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