Anthropic, a ChatGPT competitor, receives $400 million investment from Google

Dibbyyan Nath
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With its AI services on the horizon, Google is putting every effort into making it a success. Anthropic received attention on Friday after Google reported investing over $400 million in the AI startup.

In an effort to challenge OpenAI’s ground-breaking ChatGPT, Anthropic has begun beta-testing on competing chatbot. Additionally, Google has been under pressure recently and has been sneaking around to improve its AI capabilities. Through its development from academic research, artificial intelligence has become one of the most important drivers for technological change, fostering new business opportunities and improving services in every industry.

In addition to Microsoft’s $10 billion investment in OpenAI in 2019, the Google-Anthropic partnership follows another $1 billion investment in the AI startup by the company in 2019. Microsoft and Google, for instance, have access to some of the best AI systems thanks to these partnerships. The cloud-computing resources that Google can provide to start-ups like Anthropic are precisely what start-ups like Anthropic need.

Using Google’s cloud division, Anthropic will train and deploy its future artificial intelligence products using Google’s advanced AI chips, the company said in announcing the deal. In the near future, Anthropic plans to expand access to its language model assistant Claude, but it hasn’t yet been released to the general public

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