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In my opinion, 90% of people have consulted psychics or fortune tellers at least once in their lives! What do you think?

Everyone wants to know what lies ahead. Isn’t it? In hopes of getting on the right track, people approach their door with anticipation and hope.

Therefore, if you intend to run or start a business in this field, you will need a visually stunning platform. You need to improve your website’s quality in order to attract interested visitors. For this, you should prioritise finding a stunning Psychic website template with premium options.

So, in this blog, I will explain some of the best psychic website templates in order to improve your website’s credibility. So let’s start!

List of the Best Psychic Website Template

If you are seeking options to begin a profession in psychic readings, you can find fantastic and useful ideas to get you started with the lists that is hand-picked specifically for that purpose. In this blog, you will get a variety of options for psychic websites, each of which will serve as inspiration for you to improve or revamp your own website. These amazing psychic websites are definitely worth a look, regardless of whether you choose to design them yourself using great readymade templates or get hire a developer to do it for you.

01. Mystik-


Use this two-faced astrology and psychic template to cast spells and predict the future. Reading tarot cards, doing energy work, interpreting natal charts, etc., are all within the scope of this template. You also have the option of providing lessons, as well as organising events, workshops, seminars and certificate programmes. This template has multiple layouts and pages to help you market your products. It comes with a page builder that is already installed with this template. It works with WooCommerce and adapts to any screen size. Furthermore, it has a mobile-friendly style, customizable colours, and header/footer layout creator options. This template costs $69 and includes both automatic updates and 6 months of free support. There is also comprehensive documentation, a large number of shortcodes and also simple personalization choices available to you. In short, Mystik breathes new life into your website.

02. Magia-

Magia Theme

If you’re looking for WordPress templates that are ideal for psychics, horoscopes, and the paranormal, go no further than Magia. This template is well-documented and simple to implement. It uses the GPL3 Unyson framework and provides a no-cost, lightning-fast, and intuitive page-editing interface. In addition, the Bootstrap foundation ensures faultless operation across all gadgets. This theme may be purchased for $49.  Magia is an excellent WordPress template for sites devoted to psychics and horoscopes.

03. Stellarium-

Stellarium theme

Stellarium is a premium WordPress template made specifically for astrologists and psychics. This template streamlines the process of communicating with, seeing, and purchasing horoscope reports for individuals and couples. The theme may be easily adjusted to fit your needs and responds well to retina displays. This is a top-tier design for psychic websites that includes useful product shortcodes. In addition to this, it may be utilised on static sites, within blog entries, and in a diverse range of sidebars located on the left and the right of the page. Along with free assistance for a period of six months, it also includes lifetime updates. The fee is $69 per month.

04. Augury-

Augury | Horoscope, Astrology WordPress Theme

This Augury template is the height of sophistication and beauty. A genuine psychic reading can be carried out with the help of this Augury WordPress theme template. The template comes with its own one-of-a-kind icon set, which works wonderfully with it and sets it apart from other themes that are functionally identical. The UI of the template is fully responsive. It is also optimised for use on mobile devices and features a design that works well for astrology-related websites. It features a selection of premade appointment forms, which may be used to schedule appointments. One good news is that If you spend $69 on this template, you’ll get access to all the major customization options.

05. Prophet-

Prophet theme

The Prophet template was designed specifically for use with tarot-themed WordPress installations, such as those used by psychics and fortune tellers. It’s a new, modern, and versatile template for any kind of psychic site. All bases will be covered by the Prophet. It comes with a selection of professionally-designed templates for your homepage. No matter the demo you select, you’ll have access to a wide variety of ready-made page layouts. The good news is one can get started with a trial import in just a few clicks. It also comes with a useful feature known as an event calendar. This will let your guests keep up to date with your schedule.

06. Astralla-

Astralla theme

It was designed specifically for sites that offer astrological, tarot, and psychic readings. This template features a horoscope generator and also natal chart fortune teller in addition to arcane e-commerce options. When making horoscopes, it works seamlessly with Elementor. Through the use of pre-made store pages, you will have a quicker opportunity to offer services and products. It comes with a comprehensive assortment of user-defined shortcodes. Additionally, you have the option of selecting one of the other six pre-designed homepages as well. This template costs you around $85 and you’ll get free assistance for a full six months also. So give it a try.

A strong online presence is essential for modern businesses and artists because it builds trust in the products or services they offer. Psychics, in the same vein, would be foolish to ignore such a fantastic promotional opportunity. A well-designed psychic website makes it simple for customers to get in touch with psychics. Take a look at the aforementioned examples of website layouts to spark some ideas!

Aims principally pursued by the psychic website templates

Website’s Primary Objectives for Psychic and Medium Services

Following these steps as a team will help you build a website that effectively represents your business and the quality of your service:

  • Including search engine optimisation strategies in your website’s development will help your target audience find you when they do an online search.
  • Developing a user-friendly website that is consistent with the brand’s image is a must if you want to attract and retain clients.
  • Creating an appealing, high-quality design that is geared towards the people who make up your ideal customer base.
  • Creating content with the purpose of enticing customers and providing a transparent explanation of what your company does. Customers will feel more comfortable doing business with you because of the emphasis placed on your credibility and experience.
  • Convincing prospective clients that you are dependable and professional, and subsequently making it simple for them to get in touch with you and learn more about your company

Now that you are familiar with the primary goals of a website offering psychic and medium services, we will discuss how to select the most appropriate template for your requirements.

How do you select the best template to meet your requirements?

There is no response that is universally applicable to the question of how to select the most appropriate web design for your requirements. Instead, it is best to think about the criteria that are unique to your situation and then choose a template that corresponds to those of your requirements.

For instance, let’s say you’re in the market for a psychic website theme. To accomplish this, you’ll need to ensure that the selected template contains all of the appropriate components, such as sufficient white space for inserting media and text, an astrology calculator etc.

The psychic website template you choose should be user-friendly and flexible enough to allow you to give your business a one-of-a-kind online presence. There are a tonne of options for pre-made psychic websites out there, so you should be able to find one that works for you. So take your time, do some digging around, and pick the best template for your upcoming business.

Steps to Build a successful psychic Website

Investing in the proper framework is the first step towards creating a successful website. To accomplish this, you must:

  • Choose the topic from our catalogue that corresponds to your interests the most
  • Investigate the demonstration in great detail so as to avoid unwelcome shocks after the purchase
  • Ask the management team if you have any kind of queries before purchasing
  • Click and add the template to your shopping cart;
  • Stick to the steps by following the directions and then pay for the template on the payment page;
  • Download, set up and enjoy!

The vast majority of the templates are optimised for search engines. Therefore, once you get your website up and running, you can reap the rewards of online advertising. This cutting-edge strategy targets your specific demographic, rather than just anyone browsing the web

To run a prosperous astrological and psychic website, you do not need to have any prior experience in the field of astrology. You simply require a high-quality template for your astrology website. Putting together a website that gives the impression of being professionally designed is simple if you start with the correct template. It will most certainly draw in guests and encourage repeat business from those already there. These psychic templates will provide you with everything that you need in order to design a psychic website. That’s all for today. I hope you will find the perfect psychic website template from the options shown in this comprehensive list. Good luck!

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