6 Best Squarespace template for graphic design portfolio in 2024

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Recently, I have been searching for the ideal platform where I can display my graphic designs. I have realized that Squarespace offers some of the leading portfolio websites. To put this collection together, I have combed through all Squarespace portfolio templates as well as Squarespace ones third party. There are no ready-made and tailor-made portfolio templates for the graphic designers. However, Squarespace had a huge collection of portfolio templates where you can show your graphic design skills. Below is a list of the best squarespace template for graphic design portfolio in 2024, such as graphic website design portfolio, UX portfolio, marketing portfolio, architecture portfolio, writing portfolio and photography among others. Select the most suitable for you according to your profession and create a professional portfolio with squarespace website almost immediately.

Zyan Personal Portfolio Theme, an example of portfolio website

List of Best Squarespace template for graphic design portfolio

No matter if you are a graphic designer, artist or an architect, an engineer, or belong to any other creative field you need a good portfolio as it can assist you to obtain your best position and good customers. Your creative portfolio is tangible evidence of what you do, and this is what makes clients to come to your business. The design and aesthetics of your profile speak volume about us. Fortunately, there are different online resources on which you can access perfect portfolio templates. Squarespace is one of those good sites in which you can edit your portfolios with ease.


novo templates 3

Graphic designer who do not want to use a cluttered template can use novo, a squarespace template with minimalist design. The visually stunning full-bleed images will create that “wow” factor that your portfolio deserves to get centre stage. It shows the project cover images in a tight formation, two by two and in a line just spaced apart with a white space line. Due to the proximity of the images, there is no space for a text between or at the bottom and top. However, instead of the picture being displayed with the text underneath, a text will pop on when a visitor moves his or her mouse over the photographic image on the site’s page.

novo templates for Best Squarespace template for graphic design portfolio

Upon clicking on each of the category image it leads to the relevant respective category page featuring full-screen hero images and text and also extra photos. Novo could be a nice portfolio for graphic designer, interior design or fashion designer in particular.

novo templates 2

Key features

  • Versatile grid layout options
  • Customizable color schemes
  • Modern and dynamic design
  • Fonts tailored to your style
  • Intuitive user-friendly navigation
  • Mobile-responsive for on-the-go
  • Seamless integration of multimedia
  • Effortless project categorization
  • Quick project preview functionality
  • Comprehensive analytics for insights

2. Pazari

So, if you are a graphics designer and you’re looking for the best squarespace templates for portfolios, then Pazari is highly recommended. Pazari is unrivalled when it comes to sophistication, as it delivers a clear and simple setting where your designs can pop out. The site offers immersive project pages which make it seem like visiting a gallery.

pazari demo site Best Squarespace template for graphic design portfolio

If you select this squarespace template, you will be able to surprise your customers with your graphic design abilities. At the top and bottom right corner of the page the Pazari template features large graphics, though is still uncomplicated and tidy. For example, when a visitor clicks on Pazari’s “People” cover image, they will be led to a page filled with images under this category. Moreover, the template allows you to enter your phone number and short bio about yourself. Thus, if you want to get the most of it, you can consider it as it is one of the best templates in Squarespace.

pazari demo templates
pazari interior templates Best Squarespace template for graphic design portfolio

Key Features:

  • Clean and minimalist design
  • Immersive project pages
  • Seamless navigation
  • Focus on visual storytelling
  • Portfolio as a trendy art gallery
  • Easily customizable typography
  • Advanced SEO tools for visibility
  • Social media integration for sharing
  • Robust e-commerce capabilities

3. Nevins

The nevis template by squarespace is suited to cater for graphic designers who want a fair deal of both texts and illustrations. Such a platform with adjustable fields for different contents is good for those who want to give context and story around an art. While Nevins may resemble the Pazari template because they both have a simple and basic design, this template features additional options.

nevins demo site

In terms of appearance, the homepage has a cover image for every category of work like Pazari template. This time, the images on the home page are smaller, allowing you to place three images in one row. Also, the description is written below and not on top of the images. However, in general individual category pages have short text blurb, so that you may describe each project. Nevins template includes a blogging option as well as social media icons that lead to social media pages, and a contact page.

nevins templates Best Squarespace template for graphic design portfolio
nevins wildlife templates

Key features

  • Captivating narrative design
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Dynamic storytelling elements
  • Modern and engaging layout
  • Seamless integration with third-party apps
  • Built-in blogging functionality
  • Easy drag-and-drop content editing
  • Video background options for impact
  • Secure SSL encryption for data protection
  • Integration with Google Workspace

4. Nolan & co

Nolan is slightly different as compared with other portfolio templates which I have mentioned above. The additional pages of Work, Services, and Company make it fit for creative agencies, but the text is flexible, meaning you can alter the page titles and content, e.g., About Me, Bio, or even a whole resume. You can also remove any unwanted pages.

nolan and co demo site

Nolan includes several CTA buttons. These portfolio pages have enough space for big pictures and text, which is just perfect to showcase the web design, graphic design, marketing materials or any other visual content. With Nolan & co, there is a combination of innovation and practicality for users to access without being too artificial in terms of graphic designs. Go for this template if you need a portfolio with daring design aesthetics and effortless navigation.

nolan and co templates
nolan and co iduma portfolio template

Key features

  • Classic yet modern design
  • Grid layout perfection
  • Timeless aesthetic appeal
  • Versatility and great for showcasing projects
  • Interactive image sliders for engagement
  • Dynamic feel via parallax scrolling
  • Mobile optimization for diverse audiences
  • Crisp visuals that are scaled vector icons
  • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • SEO-friendly structure for visibility


BERGEN is a stunning Squarespace theme that exhibits graphic design portfolios in an unconventional and sophisticated fashion. This dynamic grid-based layout presents content that looks beautiful, making your story more engaging. BERGEN features full-screen images and contemporary style, which makes it ideal for designers who want to deliver a good image. With its user-friendly interface, the template makes it easy for visitors viewing your portfolio. You can easily show your graphic design projects with BERGEN, which shows creativity as well as professionalism at once.

bergen demo site

Bergen is arguably one of the best Squarespace portfolio templates and is designed in a relatively straightforward fashion. However, it is the tagline that appears at the top of the company’s portfolio site that takes the show. This gives it a distinction from the other portfolio templates that make the user to express their design in a phrase. Each image becomes a star in this portfolio because instead of columns or grids, it categorizes the images. As you go further down, you are able to view additional projects. Thus, if you want your new, best, or most appealing project to stand out, you can place it at the top to give a good first impression.

bergen commercial portfolio template Best Squarespace template for graphic design portfolio

Key features

  • Modern and clean layout
  • Highlight-worthy project sections
  • Sleek and striking design
  • Emphasis on visual impact
  • Customizable hover effects for interactivity
  • Integrated social sharing buttons
  • Dynamic content loading for speed
  • Collaboration features for team projects
  • eCommerce functionality for selling art
  • Analyzing Google Analytics for Insights


The template BEAUMONT is a minimalist and clean Squarespace template for graphic art portfolios. BEUMONT focuses on the big captivating images and make it possible for your work take the lead role. Likewise, the simplicity of navigation makes it possible for visitors easily explore and enjoy the graphic design projects you have presented in the template. BEAUMONT’s subtle design features lend it an air of class and elegance. It makes the perfect addition in the work of any designer seeking to portray simplicity and sophistication. BEAUMONT is a great option if you like simple and not overloaded appearance with focus on its graphic.

beaumont home page
beaumont portfolio templates Best Squarespace template for graphic design portfolio

Key features

  • Classic design elements
  • Portfolio elegance at its finest
  • Timeless appeal
  • Customizable for personal touch
  • Stylish and sophisticated presentation
  • Responsive design for various devices
  • Advanced styling options for customization
  • Gallery sections with lightbox functionality
  • Seamless integration with cloud services
  • Dedicated customer support channels

How to make a portfolio website

Create your portfolio site after choosing your website templates and setting up its main landing page, then add other pages or relevant links. Consider adding:

  • About page: Utilise this place to point out your years of expertise, prominent job titles or past clients, and any certificates or awards you obtained.
  • Booking page or contact form: When pitching your service like design skills, make it easy for customers to book time or request for a quote.
  • Blog: Give deep insights into some of your favorite projects or even the process, using your blog pages. Or do case studies on client work successes.
  • Client testimonials: Word-of-mouth can be a very effective tool for luring in new customers. Make a dedicated testimonial page or include a few on your services or booking pages.
  • List of services and rates: You can present this information on your booking or contact page as a package, or better still, have a page which elaborates on your services.
  • Resume/CV: Put in a shortened public CV to display your experience or create an unlisted resume page to send to future employers.
  • Social media: Your social accounts are another side of your brand. Ensure that you provide a link to your professional pages as well as the contact information in your website navigation.

Why should I use Squarespace?

Now that you know about top 6 Sqaurespace templates for graphic designer, your next question might be why I should use Squarespace when there are other options as well.

customer support from squarespace

Well, after fast and easy site design, the best thing about Squarespace is its all-in-one approach: At $14 a month, your plan comes with 24/7 customer support, metrics, SEO features, SSL security, unlimited bandwidth, and video storage. Additionally, if you subscribe annually, Squarespace provides fully managed cloud hosting free of charge as well as a new custom domain for one year. You do not have to sign up with another provider or platform.

Is Squarespace better than WordPress?

This one’s pretty situational. WordPress is best for people on either end of the customization spectrum: One can use the free plan to create a basic blog or go hard-core into custom websites with premium themes and tens of thousands of plugins. Note that this is a costlier option as it involves purchasing and using your own hosting, security, and update services, among other things you may have to hire a programmer whose expertise is higher than yours.

The squarespace’s templates are rigid compared to custom WordPress designed sites and emphasize visuals. The above features are in-built within the platform and they are also attractive at once. More importantly, most technical drudgery is taken care of by the platform.

Squarespace also has some official integration of the services like Apple News (for cross – publication of the content), PayPal (for accepting the payment) and Open Table (for allowing customers to book a table). Additionally, there are about two dozen third party extensions. If compared with WordPress plugins, they may not be that many, but I believe that they will be enough to satisfy both your wants and those of your users without any difficulty.

Are Squarespace templates mobile-friendly?

All Squarespace templates are mobile-optimized from the jump, which is awesome for two reasons: Mobile-friendly sites look great on all devices and get higher priority from Google when it comes to indexing and SEO rankings.

Squarespace versions 7.0 incorporate mobile styles that go live automatically and switch when viewed on smaller devices while their 7.1 versions change automatically depending on the device used.

Is Squarespace a Good Portfolio Website?

Squarespace is the best portfolio site for an artist, musician, athlete, designer and photographer. It is one of the most ideal since it provides so many portfolio options that allows creative individuals to set up a unique design that still has a robust layout that they can work with.

The good thing with Squarespace is that it is affordable, inexpensive, has many designs and features are just $12 per month. Virtually any artist will design his or her portfolio using Squarespace templates and expose it to the world.

It incorporates all from breathtaking themes, in-built page editorial tools, art gallery, to an iPad app compatible with any iOS or Android operating system. Therefore, anyone can have their portfolios designed using Squarespace, regardless of their choice of software.

Tips to keep in mind while selecting Squarespace template for graphic design portfolio

The choice of the Squarespace template for your graphic design portfolio is critical and it should highlight your work appropriately. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Visual Emphasis: Select a design that pays attention to images. Search for big image fields and full bleed layouts to highlight your graphic designs dominantly.
  • Portfolio Layout: Check out the available layout options in the template. Make sure it provides orderly and eye catching display of many design projects.
  • Customization Options: Choose a template that can be customized as per your personal branding. Ensure that you have the flexibility with regard to colors, fonts, and overall styling so as to make it unique to your needs.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure that the template is responsive for mobile use. You therefore need such design that can be adapted and viewed on different screen sizes by many visitors.
  • Navigation and User Experience: Prioritize templates with intuitive navigation. Keeping the layout simple and neat will ensure that visitors will easily navigate with the site and pay attention to the work you have created.
  • Loading Speed: Make sure to pick a template, which is fast loading. Having fast loading pages is important as far as giving the users the best experience and also keep the visitors on the page.
  • Versatility: Choose a generic template that fits multiple graphic design tasks. Ensure that the template compliments your various projects that might include illustrations, web design or branding.
  • Trial and Testing: Make use of Squarespace’s free trial period to find out how your content looks and feels in the chosen template before finally committing to the template. It helps you ensure that it meets your expectations.

The good template will make your portfolio unique

People make most of their buying decisions emotionally, so what you want is to wow your audience with the first look at your portfolio. Selecting the most suitable template for your portfolio will position you as a professional and a leader in your career.

You may also want to look at what others are doing especially if you’re not sure where to begin. Note down the aspects that you want to avoid, as well as the ones you would consider doing. This can help you in selecting suitable templates from those provided by Squarespace.


A portfolio is essential for any creative person including graphic designer because your portfolio is what matters a lot to potential clients. Just pick a template and fill it with your best work to attract customers.

One of the best places for you to find the right templates for your specific portfolio is squarespace.. If you’re going to ask me if Squarespace is good for graphic design portfolios, then the answer is yes. Squarespace is not only an ideal portfolio, but also perfect for any creative in general.

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