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Take a look at Coke vs Pepsi, Apple vs Microsoft, adidas vs Nike or more recently Tesla vs Rivian, apart from the inherent differences in the products, it is the marketing of the brands that also play a significant role. It is marketing that retains the brand and creates customer loyalty. It helps in the forming of a community of customers that would be willing to bat for the firm. Large corporations have access to in house digital marketing teams, for smaller firms, access to a digital marketing agency is crucial.

In the past, marketing was more “analogue” and unidirectional – from marketers to customers. But this relationship has seen a massive shift with the advent of the digital space. Firms have unprecedented access to behavioural information on their consumers which they did not have before, but so do their competitors (in most cases). You get unprecedented access to consumers themselves but consumers can also seek out other brands more easily. So, the paradigms of customer acquisition and customer retention have both changed. And the best digital marketing services,like Inteliqo Research and Services, are aware of this phenomenon.

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Why should you hire Inteliqo as your digital marketing agency?

Firms – large and small, have already understood the relevance of managing this complex problem. But where the problem arises is in the allocation of resources. Larger firms can dedicate resources to create and maintain their own digital marketing team in-house. But this process is resource exhaustive, inefficient and costs a lot. The smart thing to do in such cases is hire an external Digital Marketing agency, like Inteliqo Research and Services, that can work with you to understand your needs and design strategies suited to your organizational goals. The internet has been touted as the ultimate leveller where everyone is in the level playing field. So, make use of the playing field in the most cost-effective way so that you can get the competitive advantage that your firm needs to succeed. Give us a call today.

What does Inteliqo Research and Services do?

Inteliqo, as adigital marketing company, is dedicated to ensuring that they boost your company’s online visibility to the highest potential through the use of a variety of tools.

The specific tasks that Inteliqo does includes:

1. We help in increasing the volume of organic traffic that is coming to your website.

2. Inteliqo helps in developing channels of generating leads for your business.

3. Inteliqo helps in the expansion of your brand’s reach to the desired geographic or demographic positions.

4. We integrate the marketing efforts of your company from top to bottom to serve the desired objectives.

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What services does the Inteliqo provide?

Inteliqo, as one of thebest digital marketing providers, offers the following services:

1. SEO Services: Boost the rank and authority of your website through the specific use of targeted keywords and focus on creative backlinking. Inteliqo provides, SEO services that can help your website jump to the top of the search results.

2. Social Media Marketing: Inteliqo can also offer management services for your social media handles and help boost your organic reach many folds. We can also help in developing effective social media campaigns to direct traffic to your website and generate more leads.

3. Video Production: An important part of website development can be the use of media and graphics. Inteliqo also provides commercial video production facilities for you. We can provide you with professional videos that can boost the impact factor of your website instantly as well as serve as an effective marketing tool.

4. Content Writing services: All digital marketing campaigns require content creation to populate your website and communicate with your target consumers. Inteliqo, through its 11 years of experience in the field has accumulated a bevy of talented professional writers that can help in content creation for your website.

5. Website development: The internet is a vast entity with millions of lines of content being uploaded every day. What helps someone find specific content, are their characteristics. These include the use of key words, the nature of the content, the web page rank, the domain authority, etc. Inteliqo helps you to develop your website in just the right way, so search engines, like Google and Bing, can find your content easily and recommend your page on the top of the list.



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Content Marketing

Engaging more traffic through Content Marketing could be a difficult task. As Content Marketing caters an in-depth analysis of the topic to pick the interest of the audience, hence, it is important to formulate an engaging content.


Display Advertisements

Display Advertisements often get neglected by business owners amidst all the sales and marketing schemes. This is where our professional Display Advertisements services step in, so consider us to grow your business


Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a marketing tool that informs the audience regarding the recent updates of the concerned business for its own benefit. It is considered as the helping hands of a business as it jogs new leads and customers’


SEO promotion

Engaging more traffic through an SEO promotion could be a difficult task. As SEO promotion caters an in-depth analysis of the topic to pick the interest of the audience, hence, it is important to formulate engaging content.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing often gets neglected by business owners amidst all the sales and marketing schemes.Social Media Marketinginoculates a sense of personification in the business


Digital Presence Creation

Digital Presence Creation is a marketing tool that informs the audience regarding the recent updates of the concerned business for its own benefit. It will as important as creat a brand


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How to Get Success with Digital Marketing?

Our team of writers has come up with a basic guideline that will act as a winning formula for any digital marketing campaign.  If you are confused with digital marketing and looking for guidance, go through the following list and you will be right on track.

Map Out a Plan

The first step in a digital marketing plan is to formulate a clear and realistic framework. It is imperative to establish ideally outcomes while also living room for uncertainty. Without choosing a subset of metrics as a base for the formulated strategy, the campaign will likely steer off track failing to reach the end goal. Simplification in delegation and communicating as well as adherence to a clear time frame is the key to an effective framework.

Choose the Right KPIs

The identification of appropriate KPIs at the outset helps to monitor the activeness of marketing actions as well as indicate do the areas that need improvement. It must be remembered that though it is all data the strategy is meant for human experience. The generated traffic is not only a number but also humans. Thus all marketing actions must have a human touch because ultimately customer behavior will affect the returns on investment.

Load up on Evergreen Contents

Various contents have various purposes in content marketing strategy. Evergreen contents are timeless addressing multiple purposes across multiple channels. This will help create a library of relevant content offering the core messages of your brand that remains constant with time.

Build an Effective Funnel

All the marketing efforts must conform to the appropriate sales funnel to start an interaction with potential customers and guide them towards making a purchase decision. The widest part of the tunnel would be customer outreach focusing on Brand awareness and engagement. This is the key to dictating new traffic as well as re-engaging with returning traffic. Any content strategist or digital marketing specialist should work the customer true all the faces of the funnel for a high acquisition and conversion rate.

Get Creative

For a truly effective outreach that induces engagement, any digital marketing strategy should be centered around effective advertising which is high quality and has added value. Besides ensuring the contents follow SEO and analytics, the receivers must find a story or value to latch on to.

Be smart and flexible

The objectives of the digital marketing plan must be smart i.e. specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. At the same time there should be room for flexibility within the plan which will make space for current events and unexpected revelations or counter measures in response to viral articles from competitors.

Respond to Feedback

Always respond to any customer queries and utilize any customer input for adjusting the marketing strategies. This creates a lasting bond with the customers and induces a constant improvement which leads your marketing efforts to a scalable success.

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