Explain how AI works in Google search engine

Dibbyyan Nath
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AI has turned Google into an intelligent search engine that produces direct answers using a network of systems. In addition to voice and image search, deep learning is used to improve the accuracy and speed of searches. But how AI works in Google search engine? Let’s find out.

How AI works in Google search engine

Using AI in search can help you discover related topics to explore further, including what search results you see. The complexity of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important to modern search engines. AI works in Google search engine in several ways.

  • Search Rankings- Page ranking, video ranking, and other types of content are the major uses of AI in search engines. The ranking of content on Google is determined by complex artificial intelligence. Different factors are prioritized by different algorithms in these AI systems. When you conduct a search, Google’s AI determines which pages to show based on these factors.
  • Human Language Understanding-There is no doubt that Google knows more about us than anyone else. Without even finishing the statement, Google will show you results that are relevant to what you could be looking for. This occurs because Google employs NLP (Natural Language Processing) to deduce the meaning of your query and returns results accordingly. NLP combines AI and machine learning algorithms to determine the results taken into account from a variety of perspectives.
  • Image and voice searches- Artificial intelligence is making it possible to conduct voice searches and image searches. Technology advancements in artificial intelligence, such as natural language processing, have made it possible for digital assistants like Google Assistant to comprehend natural human speech in real time. These AI-enhanced devices can interpret what you say and return relevant search results. The same applies to images. AI influences the search process in a variety of other ways as well. To get the answers you want, you interact with AI primarily in these areas.
  • RankBrain- One of Google’s hidden charms is RankBrain. Based on your search queries, Google’s RankBrain AI-powered function displays accurate topic results. In addition, it uses your search history to figure out what you’re really looking for and improve its accuracy the more you use it.
  • Google Algorithm- Most people think of Google Algorithms when they hear about Google searches and results. But they are not completely wrong, either. The Google search and results are influenced by complex AI algorithms. However, Google’s algorithm affects the results positively and negatively, depending on factors such as mobile-friendliness and core web vitality.
  • BERT- A breakthrough in AI for Google search is the Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers (BERT). By taking into account the context of a sentence rather than just its individual words, BERT aids Google in understanding user queries. Google figured out that our search queries aren’t always a literal translation of the terms we use. As a result, Google launched an update in 2019 called BERT that uses AI to assist in understanding search intent and meaning.

These are the few ways in which we can describe how AI works in Google search engine. Both Google and AI are vast concepts. It is unimaginably complex when both of these are combined. You can benefit from artificial intelligence no matter what industry you are in. Enhancing your business operations and generating more ROI are both possible with it.

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