Google Ads Empowers Advertisers with New CTV Advertising Features

Dibbyyan Nath
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Google’s Display & Video 360 platform has just announced the launch of new features designed to enhance the planning, buying and measuring of connected TV (CTV) advertising campaigns. The new features come at a time when CTV advertising is increasingly becoming an important part of digital advertising.

With the new Reach Planner, advertisers can now evaluate streaming publishers’ unique and incremental reach to help them make informed decisions when planning and buying CTV campaigns. It help advertisers understand the effectiveness of their CTV campaigns and ensure that they are reaching their target audience.

In addition, Advertisers can utilize the new Unique Reach Overlap report to decrease overlap and minimize media waste. This report allows advertisers to see how many unique viewers they are reaching across all their CTV campaigns and helps them avoid showing the same ad to the same person multiple times.

The new features from Google’s Display & Video 360 platform are a significant step forward for CTV advertising. With CTV becoming an increasingly popular way for people to consume content, advertisers need to be able to effectively reach their target audience on this platform. These new smart features will help advertisers do just that.

According to Google, CTV ad spend is expected to reach $11.4 billion in 2021, a 19.2% increase from 2020. With the launch of these new features, Google is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend and help advertisers reach their target audience through CTV advertising.

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