Google Business Profile Requests BBB Link, Raising Questions About Trust

Dibbyyan Nath
2 Min Read

Google Business Page (GBP) recently implemented a new feature that, to many people’s surprise, asks companies to include a link to their Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile in its supplementary assistance flow. In light of the BBB’s recently-revealed problems, Google’s apparent reliance on the organization’s ratings has raised eyebrows.

A lot of company owners and digital marketers have been paying attention to GBP lately because of the new functionality. Google’s assistive flow for companies during profile creation and maintenance includes a sequence of inquiries that include a request for a BBB link. Consequently, some have hypothesized that Google would use BBB ratings into its algorithm for search engine rankings.

The BBB’s rating system has been under examination in recent years, and this has prompted some to voice concerns about the move. Particularly, some have claimed that the group favours firms who pay for certification by awarding them high marks while dismissing or downplaying consumers’ complaints and reviews.

We have yet to learn if Google will modify its new function in light of these criticisms. Many companies, in the meanwhile, will be keeping an eye on the new function to see how it influences their online visibility and search engine results.

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