Google Maps’ New Update Takes Live Location Sharing To the Next Level

Dibbyyan Nath
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Google Maps has added a helpful new thing called Location Sharing that lets you send your current place to chosen friends. This can help friends and family know your whereabouts or assist someone in getting to your spot.

Before, apps for chatting like WhatsApp and Signal have given real-time location sharing. Now Google Maps has this feature built-in for Android, iOS and desktop computers.

With Location Sharing, you pick who can see your place and for how long. You can show where you are for a day or forever until you stop using this tool. Your place is shared by a link that can be sent to friends on Google or others.

When you use Location Sharing, it shows your device’s battery power and if it’s charging to the people you share this with. Also, if you’re going somewhere, you can share your expected arrival time. This lets your friends know when you’re coming.

A cool thing to know is that Location Sharing still works even if Location History is turned off on Maps. The look and feel is the same on Android and iOS.

Email id selection for link share

First, start by opening the Maps app and click on your picture in the profile. Pick the place you want to share and decide who can see it and for how long. Click a contact and then Share to start sharing.

Live Location sharing setting in Google maps
location duration settings in Google maps

When you don’t want to share anymore, open their profile and pick Stop. You decide when you want to share your location and when you don’t.

Share live location

To navigate, tap ‘More’ after you set a destination. Then you can share your trip progress. This tells where you are going and how long it will take. Location sharing stops by itself when you finish your journey or stop using navigation.

Google recently showed off new features for Google Maps in India such as better navigation and local transport help. Thousands of cities in India are going to get Live View walking instructions.

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