Google Search Console reports integrated into Wix’s SEO Dashboard

Dibbyyan Nath
1 Min Read

A new SEO dashboard has been released by the website platform Wix. The dashboard is meant to serve as a central hub for all SEO-related tasks for sites using the service.

The announcement about the new dashboard stated that it comprises “primarily SEO tools.” In addition, it now integrates with Google Search Console, which provides access to insightful data on how well your site performs in Google’s search results, and training materials geared at varying degrees of expertise.

An overview of the data from Google Search Console can be accessed by users from within the SEO Dashboard. Site visitors can check their statistics and see how their clicks and views stack up against other time periods. By filtering the data according to clicks ad impressions, businesses can see which of their pages are gaining traffic and which could use some work to improve their rankings.

Additionally, Wix will offer on-site optimization, analytics reporting tools and keyword search in the dashboard. Currently, only English is available for Wix users, but more languages will be added in the future.

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