Google has recently made some updates to its SEO-related help documents, which has important implications for webmasters and content creators. The search giant has specified the elements that are most important for the Follow feature in Google Discover, which is part of the Google Chrome browser. According to the Get On Discover documentation that was recently updated, Google wrote, “The most important content for the Follow feature is your feed <title> element and your per item <link> elements. Make sure your feed includes these elements.” This means that if one wants their website to perform well in the Follow feature on Chrome, they should include the <title> and <link> elements in the RSS feed.

Google has also updated the image SEO best practices document to clarify how it parses images on web pages. The document now reads, “Using semantic HTML markup helps crawlers find and process images. Google parses the HTML <img> elements (even when they’re enclosed in other elements such as <picture> elements) in your pages to index images, but doesn’t index CSS images.” This update clarifies that Google parses the <img> elements even when they’re within other elements such as the <picture> element. These updates from Google highlight the importance of paying attention to the technical details of your website. If you want to leverage the Follow feature in Google Chrome or improve your image SEO, it’s essential to read the updated documentation from Google and test any changes you make to your site to see if they have a positive or negative impact on your search performance. By doing this, one can ensure that their website remains the most optimised for the users as well as for SEO purposes.