Is Hostinger fast enough for a large ecommerce website?

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If you’ve got a growing e-commerce enterprise like me, then you know that website speed is the name of the game. There are many hosting provider services available nowadays, but you need to choose the right host according to your needs and requirements. Today, I want to share my experience with Hostinger and whether it is fast enough for a large ecommerce website or not.

Is Hostinger Good For ECommerce?

hostinger control panel

Yes, Hostinger is a good hosting for eCommerce. But you must consider the following three factors before buying a plan from the host:

  • Size of your eCommerce store.
  • Estimated monthly visitors to your website.
  • The types of Hostinger plans you choose.

Hostinger is one of the cheapest eCommerce hosts, but picking the correct plan will determine your store’s future. If you sell online, the Woo Premium plan or a package from an add-on partner such as VPS or cloud hosting is ideal

Hostinger features for Ecommerce Hosting

Hostinger has a number of features that make it an attractive choice for those who want to build and maintain their own website.

Hostinger Features for ecommerce website infographics
  • Security- Security is the top priority for any business or individual and website host. Hostinger offers several security measures to ensure your website is safe and sound. All data is transferred over a secure connection, through use of the secure socket layer (SSL). Moreover, Hostinger may provides a number of additional security features including two-factor authentication, password protection and IP address blocking. All of these features help to make your hostinger’s website safe and secure.
  • Reliability- Reliability is important when it comes to hosting a website. Hostinger provides many features to guarantee your site’s uptime. For an eCommerce site, the uptime must be high. You don’t want your online store going down when customers are buying, or even at the point of payment. That’s why you need a web host with a high uptime rate. With an uptime guarantee of 99.9 %, Hostinger guarantees that your site will stay online even when traffic gets heavy. Moreover, Hostinger provides redundant storage and a backup system to protect your data.
  • Performance and speed are two key factors for an online store. As a matter of fact, 57 percent of online shoppers will abandon their shopping carts if the website does not load in seconds. To prevent this from happening, Hostinger uses the LiteSpeed Web Server technology to speed up your site. They also offer higher-level cache solutions for making sure your eCommerce website remains lightweight and fast. In addition, Hostinger has data centres in several locations around the world. In other words, you’ll be able to select your own server in your region, cutting down on network latency.
  • Customer Service- One of the most important considerations when choosing a web hosting provider is customer support. With a variety of customer support options available from Hostinger, you can get whatever help you need. The company offers 24/7 live chat support, a ticketing system, and a knowledge base. Hostinger also provides a selection of tutorials and guides to help you make the most of your website.
  • Professional Email Accounts- Professional email accounts allow you to build your brand and enhance customer trust. To attract customers, you are more likely to work with an email that looks like than When you get a hosting plan, they provide free Hostinger email service. They also provide a migration tool, and you can transfer your old email data to their platform very easily.

Is Hostinger fast enough for a large ecommerce website?

Absolutely! If you are looking for an e-commerce website on a budget, but still want speed and good hosting, then Hostinger can be just the ticket. The hosting provider’s continuing promise to provide fast and reliable service thus becomes a possible solution to meet the needs of a thriving online store.

hostinger cloud hosting plans

Cloud and VPS hosting plans offered by Hostinger provide the scalability and dedicated resources needed for a large-scale ecommerce operation. With these plans you are able to easily handle high traffic volumes, so that your customers will enjoy smooth and responsive shopping. With Hostinger’s intuitive interface and reliable infrastructure, improving site speed becomes an easy task. Furthermore, since Hostinger is always on the cutting edge of technology you can access benefits like content delivery networks (CDNs) and high-performance servers.

It’s not just about money. A large ecommerce site needs a company that can offer a stable, reliable hosting environment. Hence, following the best practices of website optimization while using Hostinger’s hosting capabilities can make your ecommerce site shine and be known for its speed and responsiveness.

Why Hostinger Won My Heart

What caught my attention was Hostinger’s speed. Compared to many of the other web hosting options out there, no matter how low you go on price or dazzling is the interface, it’s still a crawl compared to Hostinger. When I first started clicking around my Hostinger-hosted site, I knew that something big was up.

hostinger ssd

But as an e-commerce entrepreneur, I know how important speed is. Web shoppers are a fickle lot, and slow load times can kill conversions. My decision to choose Hostinger in part came down to their promise of top-notch performance. Hostinger’s commitment to speed isn’t just empty sales talk. The platform is designed for performance, relying on a variety of the best technologies such as SSDs and advanced cache mechanisms. Not only does this quicken loading times, it also guarantees a responsive and smoothly operating user experience. But speed is more than just a side-effect. It’s the thing which makes every customer encounter with my e-commerce sites moment of joy.

E-Commerce Capabilities of Hostinger

  • 1-click Install- WooCommerce and WordPress are available with a 1-click install feature on Hostinger. It allows you to easily and quickly open your new website online store.
  • LiteSpeed- Host uses the LiteSpeed technology cache for hostinger wordpress hosting. It is server level run and thus quite strong. It lets your website visitors enjoy faster-loading pages.
  • Unlimited bandwidth- Limited bandwidth is fine when you receive little traffic, but unlimited bandwidth is certainly a must on the day of your product launch, for example, when there will be a lot of concurrent users. All Hostinger hosting plan includes unlimited bandwidth(except VPS and the Single shared hosting plan). Therefore, you are free to choose from the many Hostinger plans with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Daily backups- Hostinger provide daily backups to protect your eCommerce platform from data loss. You will get this feature with all Hostinger plans except for its VPS plans and several entry-level plans
  • Unlimited Free SSL certificates- All eCommerce plans of Hostinger include unlimited free SSL certificates to be sure that all transactions in your online store are safe and encrypted.
hostinger robust ecommerce support

In the next section let’s discuss some of its plans and the plan suitable for larger ecommerce website

Hostinger’s eCommerce Hosting Plans?

Hostinger provides special formulated eCommerce hosting services for the most common shopping cart platforms, including WooCommerce and PrestaShop. But if you are just starting with a tight budget, then opt for shared hosting.

At the same time, Hostinger cloud hosting plans seem better suited to those planning on building a larger eCommerce store with heavier traffic.

WooCommerce Hosting

WooCommerce hosting plans Hostinger provides three kinds of WooCommerce hosting, starting at $ 3.99/month:

  • Woo Starter – suitable for those at the beginning stages. It offers 100 GB of storage and weekly backups at $3.99/mo.
  • Woo Premium – Ideal for medium-sized online stores. This package provides 200 GB of storage, daily backups and a WordPress staging tool at $11.59/mo. It allows you to tinker with your site without the possibility of it becoming broken.
  • Woo Business – Woo Business is the best fit for online stores with greater traffic. It comes with 250 GB storage, 6 GB RAM and a staging tool at 23.99/mo.
hostinger ecommerce plan trustpilot feedback

These hosting plans also include a free SSL certificate and one year’s free domain with an order of 12 months.

PrestaShop Hosting

Another popular eCommerce platform is PrestaShop, which prides itself on being easy to use and designed for business people with limited technical knowledge.

hostinger prestashop web hosting plan

Starting at $2.99/month, PrestaShop hosting plan options are:

  • Business Web Hosting – Business Web Hosting Optimized for small to medium-sized businesses receiving about 100,000 monthly visits at $3.99/mo. The plan also includes daily backups.
  • Cloud Startup – I recommend this plan for larger online stores. It comes at a price of $8.99/month . A dedicated Delivery is guaranteed to help keep your website running fast and smooth.
  • Cloud professional Hosting – Premium hostinger web hosting a small plan suitable for beginners with up to 25,000 monthly visitors at $14.99/month .

They also offer a PrestaShop one-click installer for hPanel, after which you can begin managing your online store within minutes of ordering the service

Shared Hosting

Alternatively, look at eCommerce shared hosting plans as hostinger has shared hosting plans as well. Their Business Web Hosting plan starts at $3.99/month and includes the following specifications: 200 GB SSD storage, daily backups, and a WordPress staging tool. If you are a beginner, have a small online store or you aren’t sure what eCommerce platform to use, then this will fit the bill.

Cloud Hosting

hostinger cloud web hosting plan

Meanwhile, I suggest cloud hosting for medium to large online stores, which can sustain solemidum traffic flow.

For this reason hostinger cloud hosting offers a network of linked servers so that your eCommerce website will enjoy the best uptime and performance. You will get dedicated resources so you won’t be affected by a traffic surge on other websites. And secondly, there is no need to be technically skilled at setting up and maintaining your cloud hosting; the web host will take care of any back-end issues.

Their cloud hosting option begins at $8.99/month for 200 GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth

Let me give you some speed tests results so that you will have an idea about Hostingers speed

Speed Tests: Hostinger Outruns the Competition

Of course, numbers don’t lie and taking into account hosting performance, I wanted some hard numbers. Therefore I began a full set of speed tests to test Hostinger’s speed skills. The results were impressive, indeed, providing a strong basis for my recommendation.

Load Time Triumphs- The load time is user experience’s pulse. I carefully calculated the time required for my entire e-commerce site to load with all images and scripts. The statistics spoke volumes- Hostinger not only equaled, but beat every other web hosting service, hands down. Visitors encountered a site that felt quick, responsive–and most importantly free from the lagging annoyance that might drive off potential business. Hostinger’s load time wins became a pillar of my e-commerce success, providing great surfing experience that fed into higher user interaction and happiness.

gtmatrix speed test report

Average Load Time on Hostinger: 2 seconds

Competitor A: 4.5 seconds

Competitor B: 5 seconds

These figures aren’t just numbers; they are the measurable speed advantage that Hostinger offers.

Server Response Rates

Every second counts in the frantic world of e-commerce. So response rates are a good measure of how well a hosting provider is performing. Moreover, Hostinger’s servers had response rates that were not just remarkable–they were exceptional. Every given click results in an immediate and direct response, literally vital for an e-commerce site where a second’s hesitation can mean lost revenue. Hostinger’s focus on speedy server response times not only led to an improved user experience but also meant that a potential customer didn’t leave the site because he was fed up with being slowed down by slow interactions.

Average Server Response Time on Hostinger: 100 milliseconds

Competitor A: 150 milliseconds

Competitor B: 180 milliseconds

These response time statistics attest to Hostinger’s commitment to creating a hosting environment where speed is not simply an option – it’s guaranteed. Not only do the numbers reflect outstanding performance, they even directly help the development of my e-commerce business. For example, improved user satisfaction leads to lower costs for returns and stock clearance, while a competitive edge in the market makes marketing easier. There when it comes to choice, we’d recommend hostinger for you as hostinger is an affordable hosting as well.

Does Hostinger have a website builder?

Yes, all Hostinger shared hosting plans come with the Hostinger Website Builder. It has an AI builder (in a few clicks, it’s ready to make unique websites) and a very simple drag-and-drop editor. It allows you a lot of customization freedom, from single buttons to different styles and more. And you also get more than 150 responsive templates to start your website with.

hostinger website builder plan

As for features, the website builder has AI with business functions. This involves an AI writer, an editor to review what has been written, and even a heat map which indicates grabbing places on your site. On the marketing side, you get some great tools like Google Analytics, eCommerce, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel. Hostinger website builder review is also good and praised by customers. They say that hostinger is a good choice for anyone and that too at an affordable rate. But do Hostinger have any cons?? Well let’s discuss that in my next section-

Pros and Cons of Hostinger

pros and cons of hostinger

Every hero has its own strengths and weaknesses in the fast-changing world of hosting. Let’s see the pros and cons of Hostinger:


  • Affordability: The hostinger pricing structure at Hostinger saves many budget-oriented entrepreneurs, providing robust features without the heartache.
  • User-Friendly Interface: it has interactive and intuitive control panel. I was able to run my website even though I have no technical background.
  • Speedy Servers: As my website quickly responded to customer demands, the importance of speed in operation became clear.
  • Robust Security Measures: Hostinger’s security procedures formed a cyber fortress that shielded my site from the scoundrel forces which lurk in the dark corners of cyberspace.


  • No Dedicated Hosting Plans: One disadvantage, though, is the lack of dedicated hosting plans. Depending on how big your online domain turns out you, too might pine after customization and control dedicated hosting offers
  • Limited Resources on Basic Plans: Although the shared hosting plans are low priced, they have resource limitations. If you run a big e-commerce site, when your store becomes more and more successful the need for resources increases proportionately

Should it matter to me that hostinger doesn’t offer dedicated plans?     

For those who dream of a digital kingdom as big as the colossus, the absence of dedicated hosting plans will raise a few eyebrows. But it all really depends on your needs. Dedicated hosting offers unprecedented control and personalization, making it particularly suitable for large companies with specialized, heavy resource demands. For those businesses which have become too big for the shared-hosting environment, and need a server all to themselves, you may be worrying that Hostinger provides no dedicated plans.

After all, the significance of this absence depends on what you need and want for your own online venture. If full control over server resources and configurations cannot be compromised on, dedicated hosting plans might be a better choice. From the other side, many entrepreneurs feel that Hostinger’s shared hosting plans are just fine, being appreciative of their low cost, rich features and commitment to speed and reliability. Therefore, whether or not you should worry about Hostinger’s lack of dedicated plans depends on your own hosting needs and the stage of growth that exists in your digital firm at present.

The Verdict: Hostinger – E-commerce Speedster!

the verdict hostinger is a e-commerce speedster

But after the tests, trials, and triumphs of Hostinger’s journey, what’s the verdict on Hostinger?? It’s a resounding thumbs up. Hostinger not only fast enough to handle a big e-commerce site, it gets your job done and then takes the pedal to the floor. If you own or run an online business, there is no group faster than this.

The speed offered by Hostinger is not a one-off achievement; it’s integrated into the company’s hosting as an all around aspect. The verdict of hostinger isn’t based simply on statistics of performance; it is the product of numerous real-world scenarios in which Hostinger has shown itself to be reliable and quick. My own successful e-commerce venture is ultimately a testament to this.


With Hostinger, every click counts in my e-commerce game. If you are aiming for a hosting partner, not only to keep up with the pace as much as possible, but to be able move even further ahead of the pack when it comes to E-commerce success, then Hostinger is your expressway.

So perhaps it’s time for online entrepreneurs to find a reliable sidekick on their e-commerce journey. Hostinger won’t just give your users the speed they need, they’ll hand it to you on a platter. Therefore, e-commerce fans, put on your safety belts and buckle up because the ride is going to be fast and furious all the way through with Hostinger at your side.

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