Is Hostinger secure?

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In the digital age, web hosting is a crucial element. A trustworthy and safe web hosting service is necessary for a successful website to perform. Hostinger is one of such a well-liked hosting solution. I started using Hostinger in 2019 for my website domains. And today I am here to tell you if it is safe to use Hostinger! So sit tight because we’re going a ride through the deep dive into Hostinger’s security and its features


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I would like to walk you through my history with Hostinger. Ever since I decided to have them to be my service provider, it made me curious about the security protocols they had. After all, in the digital era we live in today, we should never be too sure about our growing internet businesses.

  • Security Features: Hostinger provides a wide range of security measures that are aimed at protecting your webpage from threats. From SSL certificates to automated backups, they seem to have hit all the spots. One important aspect is a free SSL certificate that encodes data transferred between the site and its visitors with confidential information preserved.
  • Server Security: Now we shall discuss the fortress in which your website is living, the server. Hostinger also uses strong web server security practices such as the use of firewalls and system updates are done regularly. This means that potential weaknesses are quickly addressed, minimizing the likelihood of unauthorized access or attacks.
  • Monitoring and DDoS Protection: The fact that impressed me a lot is Hostinger’s initiative for performance monitoring. Their systems monitor abnormal behavior and react to potential threats immediately. Furthermore, their DDoS protection solutions act like a fortress protecting you from distributed denial of service attacks so that no matter how hard the cyber army attacks your website it remains accessible.
  • Backups: It’s like spending countless hours creating your website only to lose it all in a matter of seconds because of some unexpected event. Scary, right? That’s where backups come in and Hostinger knows its importance. By automatic daily backups, you will easily restore your website to an earlier version if it is necessary to do so.
  • User Authentication and Access Controls: the security of your website does not exclusively rely on external threats only. Internal factors matter too. Hostinger offers authentication and access control tools, implying that you can determine who has the authority to interact with specific parts of your web application. This helps avoid unauthorized changes and improve overall safety.
  • Constant Updates and Patch Management: Security is a dynamic scene and Hostinger recognizes this by offering periodic upgrades and patch management. However, updating your software and applications is very important in preventing possible loopholes within the website that may compromise its security.

Is Hostinger Secure?

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Is Hostinger a safe haven for your website? Let us look at the layers of security that characterize Hostinger in the web hosting industry.

Hostinger deals with your online space security right from the basics. The fact that they give out SSL certificates for free means their desire to encrypt data transfer between your website and its customers. This critical layer of security not only ensures the protection of vital information but also creates a reliable web connection.

In addition to encryption, Hostinger strengthens its servers with powerful security measures such as firewalls and regular updates. This proactive strategy allows for quick detection and resolution of potential weaknesses, thereby minimizing the incidence of unauthorized entry or intentional attacks.

Unnessary Request Block block by Hostinger

The vigilance doesn’t stop there. Hostinger uses sophisticated monitoring systems that detect abnormal patterns. This along with their DDoS protection mechanisms becomes a wall that denies the network and resources to prohibited users despite cyber attacks.

What hosting types does Hostinger offer?

hostinger all in one website solution
hostinger plans

For Hostinger being a jack of all trades, it is normal that the provider supplements shared hosting services with many other reasonable solutions complemented by effective tools for support to corporate entities.

Managed WordPress hosting- Hostinger offers Managed WordPress hosting plans which include an extensive features package like shared hosting alternatives. Each plan includes free email accounts, SSL, WP-CLI integration, and WordPress-specific features such as Cache Management Dashboard for WordPress starting from $2.49/month.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a highly scalable and effective option that acts as a bridge to VPS and a private server. They begin at $8.99 per month and include resources ranging from 3GB of RAM; two CPU cores, and 200GB storage in NVMe to those that are 12GB of RAM; six CPU cores, and 300GB of storage.

hostinger cloud hosting plans

VPS hosting- The cost of self-managed VPS starts from $6.99/month and is suitable for advanced users. Resources could range from 1vCPU, 4GB RAM, and 50GB NVMe storage to 8 vCPUs,32 GB RAM, and 400 GB storage. Hostinger leads for the best Black Friday deal on VPS compared to other providers, so be sure to visit it.

Minecraft hosting- For Minecraft, hosting plans offer resources ranging from 4GB RAM and a vCPU in a lower number of Minecraft communities to options of containment for their server users. The prices start from $6.99/month

My Opinion:

As I navigated through the features at Hostinger, my appreciation of the complex security measures they have established grew to an incredible level. They have left no stone unturned, from encryption to monitoring and backups. So if you ask me Is Hostinger secure? Yes, it is.

Does Hostinger have a website builder and if it safe?

Absolutely! Hostinger Website Builder is included in all of the shared hosting packages offered by Hostinger. It’s very simple to use, and in just a few clicks you can create your special site with the help of AI builder. And there’s a drag-and-drop editor that facilitates customization. You can play with everything – from buttons to layouts – and what results will become your site. And guess what? You get over 150 responsive templates to begin building your website.

Hostinger Professional AI website builder
Hostinger Professional AI website builder

Now, let’s talk features! The site builder offers certain AI-powered business tools that are pretty cool. There is an AI writer, editor, and also a heatmap that pinpoints the attractor points of your site. As far as marketing is concerned, they take care of you with Google Analytics, eCommerce support, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel. Not only can you transform your site into a beautiful one, but the tools at your disposal can make it even more awesome.

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Few security recommendations

site security features in hostinger

Now that you know that Hostinger is pretty safe to use, now in order to keep your hosting account and websites fully safe, we also recommend you follow some basic security measures, such as:

  • You should never give your login and password to anyone. Our Access Manager feature can be used to safely allow access for a collaborator.
  • Scan regularly all your devices with an updated antivirus.
  • Make sure that you are updating your CMS along with any application extensions to the latest version.
  • Only download extensions/plugins/modules/themes from reputable sources.
  • Never use weak and insecure passwords.
  • Ensure that you activate social login and two-factor authentication for your hosting account, as well as two-step authentication on the CMS admin dashboard.
Hostinger site editor Plugin
Hostinger site editor Plugin

You can also download copies of your website files and database onto your local device as well as backup emails to prevent losses in data.


Yes, Hostinger is pretty safe. As a person who appreciates the importance of the safety and security of online businesses, I believe that Hostinger has wowed me with its secured services. Despite its position as either a blog for personal use or a business owner, Hostinger seems to have you covered in this new era of online safety. Happy hosting!

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