Moz Upgrades Domain Authority Measurement to Improve Trustworthiness and Eliminate Confusion in SEO Field

Dibbyyan Nath
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Moz, the well-known SEO toolset, has announced the upgrade of its internal metric “domain authority.” The company has improved its measurement by creating a more trustworthy score that determines the value of a certain domain in terms of its ranking potential on search engines like Google. The upgrade is set to roll out on March 5th and aims to eliminate paid and spammy links that could potentially impact the metric.

However, it’s important to note that domain authority is not a score provided by Google and is not used to determine ranking. Some SEOs have used “DA” as a substitute for Google’s PageRank metric, but there is no connection between the two.

Moz has made several technical changes to its calculation of domain authority, including improving the correlation and updating it in relation to changes made by Google. The company has also switched to a neural network, which offers a more nuanced model capable of detecting link manipulation. Additionally, domain authority now takes into account Spam Score and a distribution of links based on quality and traffic, among other factors.

Russ Jones, Principal Search Scientist at Moz, said, “We can remove spam, improve correlations, and, most importantly, update Domain Authority relative to all the changes that Google makes.” This upgrade of domain authority is expected to provide a more accurate and trustworthy measurement for SEO professionals.

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