NVIDIA GeForce’s RTX VSR revolutionizes streaming video quality on GeForce RTX 40 and 30 Series GPUs

Dibbyyan Nath
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NVIDIA GeForce has announced that its most recent technology, RTX Video Super Resolution (VSR), is now available on GeForce RTX 40 and 30 series GPUs. The new technology utilizes AI and RTX Tensor Cores to improve the quality of videos seen in the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers. The function works by upscaling lower-quality content to 4K, matching the display resolution, reducing blocky compression artifacts, and increasing the sharpness and clarity of the video.

The caveat being that the latest version of the GeForce or NVIDIA drivers will be needed for the feature to perform currently. Thankfully, the GeForce driver is already available right now and the NVIDIA driver is scheduled to release this March. Additionally, the latest version of Chrome or Edge browsers that enable RTX VSR must be installed.

RTX VSR is a game-changer for streaming video content and provides customers with a clear view into the world of streaming video on GeForce RTX 40 and 30 Series empowered PCs. With all these new developments, a much smoother multimedia experience is on the horizon for PC users across the world in the near future.

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