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Offset printing (also known as offset lithography) is one of the most traditional methods used in the world of printing. Though this method is old but still considered one of the most reliable methods of printing.

This is due to the fact that offset printers offer quality, long-lasting fast, easy, and bulk printing. The best thing about offset printing is that it uses CMYK color space to give a wide array of colors in your prints. This further helps to give a vibrant & crisp appearance to your prints.

We are indulged in multi-color offset printing methods with the aim to offer A-grade fixes to all your printing requirements. Our professionals are quite knowledgeable & poised to give an end to end printing solutions to our clients located in different parts of the country.

Inteliqo Services is a renowned name with top-notch & esteemed clientele having a track record of delivering outstanding, amazing & satisfactory publishing solutions.

We are a leading manufacturer of offset printing and designing at Assam. Our experts can help you to fulfill your printing needs depending upon your budget and requirements. For instance, if your budget is low our experts can help you to save your printing cost by designing your printing needs using only one or two colors in your prints.

We are offering printing services for offset printing in Silchar to fulfill the requirements of bulk printing (say 30,000 imprints in an hour) for our customers (for personal, commercial or corporate use) without breaking down.

We are among the reputed firms using the high tech offset printers at Assam to offer the latest direct to plate technology to produce plates to simplify the entire printing process easier & faster than ever before.

Our team of experienced and trained employees aims to deliver excellent service to fulfill the needs of our customers. Do not hesitate to call our team of experts to discuss your queries about our products & services. Our team members are friendly & knowledgeable enough to guide you in the best possible ways as per their knowledge and experience.

At Inteliqo Services we have extensive experience to fulfill the printing needs of various corporate businesses & clients across various industries such as Information Technology, Pharmaceutical, Marketing, Retail, Health Care, Non-Government Organizations, Education, Constructions, Ceramic, Textile, Auto Industries, and many more.


We are the best offset printers at Silchar and considered to be cost-effective, efficient & offer the following printing benefits to our customers.

  • High-resolution printing

  • Chromaticity in printing

  • Accuracy in printing

  • High-quality printing

  • Bulk printing

  • Allow printing different sizes for your prints

  • Allow easy & quick production of offset printing plates

  • Allow longer life for the printing plates

  • Produces clean & sharp images

    Helps in typing with ease as compared to letterpress printing

  • Offset printing is one of the cheapest ways to produce excellent quality printing in commercial printing quantities.

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