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Press Release Writing Service

Press releases are official documents delivered to the media or press, it should be well written. We designed our press release writing service for all kind of business ventures.

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What is Press Release ?

Press release_inteliqo

People often get confused as to what is a press release. Press releases are official documents delivered to the media or press which highlight an achievement or a new happening in a company.

Simple an effective Press releases work wonders for any business venture regardless of its revenue, profile or industry.  It is not primarily a marketing tool and more focused on relaying information about the business to pique the interest of customers and media.  It creates a reputation for the brand and accelerates the process for building an intended perception.

press release writing service_inteliqo
Press release_inteliqo
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Why professional press release Writers are required?

Press release writing is quite a tricky one. For any person who is inexperienced in such kind of writing. It is not easy to create an objectifiable Press Release that will stand out in the overcrowded market.

Hence, Press release writing services are out there boasting vetted and experienced writers who know all the tricks of the trade to bring your business into the limelight.

The importance of brevity and clarity in press release writing makes it seem very intimidating. Besides, it’s a writing style that takes years of practice to develop mastery in. This is why we, at Inteliqo Services, have professional writers to cater to your PR needs.

We are experts in giving a business just the right exposure perfectly at times to exploit any nook of opportunity that will ultimately increase your sales potential.

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How to Write a Press Release?​

Writing an effective press release is a daunting task but writers should not be discouraged to pursue this writing style when they can follow our guidelines to create an effective press release report.

Some important points to be remember.

  • Avail of the simple and easy to follow tips provided by our writers to help you write an efficient press release document.

  • A press release report should be precise and poise clarity in the flow of information. An attractive heading should be followed by a subheading that sums up an announcement and event.

  • Readers don’t follow companies but issues published by them. The content should paint a picture into the reader’s mind into the background of your story.
  • It must be ensured that the narrative adds value to a particular industry. The body paragraphs should introduce the essence of the press release and gradually build up to relevant details.
  • Lastly, the document should end with a convincing boilerplate into your business that catches the eye of journalists and other media.
  • It’s the icing on the story depicted in the press report. A study showed that using images and videos increases the engagement factor with the content by 18% and 55% respectively.

An important aspect of press release documents is embedding pictures or videos in case of web release. The use of multimedia initiates customer interactions and helps the press release to outshine other players in the market.

What can you expect from professional Press Writing service?

press release writing service_inteliqo

Professional agencies have access to the right distribution network to publicize. Then the perfectly written documents made by their proficient writers.  They help spread the word about the company’s services. And also build a sense of trust and credibility on the market.

It is true that the benefits of press releases are not scalable. Which leads to the reluctance of business owners to spend a significant budget on it. But its effectiveness in boosting a company’s marketing campaigns. This is exactly why professionals should be hired for PR writing services.

Research has shown that press releases are viewed about 275 times in a week attesting to their effectiveness in propagating the brand identity. Besides, the media view press releases approximately 70 times a week. This incites the interest of journalists that bolsters future press coverage.

Press Release writing service from Inteliqo
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