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A resume reflects a person’s education, skills and accomplishments in a chronological order painting a picture in the recruiter’s mind about the expectations that can be aspired for the applicant. Recruiters spend about only 6 seconds going through a resume before deciding to select an applicant for the interview.  This attests to the fact that a resume must be well written and perfectly structured. Statistics show that a professionally written resume has a 32% higher chance of locking in an interview compared to applicants who write their resumes. This staggering statistics is evidence of the fact that resume writing services must be availed to increase the chances of employment or growth in the desired field or industry.

A study showed that 68% of the applicants secured the desired job within 90 days after getting the resume professionally written. Another research also showed that approximately 42% of the applicants successfully transitioned to a higher level position in the industry by availing resume writing services. 

Owing to the established data confirming the advantages of professionally written resumes, the number of resume writers has increased many folds. Due to the competition in the market, a high disparity in service fees can be observed which makes it difficult for the applicant to decide on the budget for availing the service. Cheap resume writing services attract the inexperienced eyes but the mistake is just as expensive. Since a perfectly written resume will advance one carrier faster, splurging on reputed resume writers is an investment into the future and the first stepping stone in putting the plan in motion.

Professional resumes are designed to attest to the applicants’ competency in the position he is applying for. Companies or writers providing professional resume writing services know how to design the resume that convinces the employer that the applicant is well-deserving of the position he is applying into. Besides, a huge percentage of the applicants are constantly switching carriers and their recent work experiences do not align with the role they are targeting. Professional resume writers know how to perfectly blend the skills acquired from experience with universal transferable skills demonstrating that the candidate possesses all the skills necessary for the job even if it’s not the next natural step based on his previous rule.

Executive Resumes are similar to professional ones but they are more focused on executive management and C level positions. Executive resume writing services are targeted to place a candidate as a leader with the potential to change company dynamics and fortunes.


International Resume Writing Services

The style of writing a resume varies from country to country. For instance, Asian countries prefer detailed and long Curriculum Vitae while the European counterparts demand a clear and concise resume. The style of writing and dissemination of information throughout the resume also differs geographically. International resume writing services specialize in creating perfect resumes for candidates adhering to the norms according to the geographical location.


Resume Writing Tips

A resume should be simple and brief. It must be scannable and preferably include numbers because employers show a higher response to measurable proven value. The formatting and choice of font should be professional like Ariel or Times New Roman in the size 10 or 12. The wording should have an active tone and the flow of information should descend from the most important to the least ones. Only skills synonymous with the applied post should be mentioned for keeping it relevant while the achievements should be highlighted to catch the eye of the recruiter. Last but not the least, the resume should be adorned with an enticing cover letter and writing style based on the particular industry for compelling ling the recruiter to make a hiring decision.

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We, at Inteliqo Services, specialize in writing custom resumes both for domestic and international applicants. Our resume writers have years of experience and are experts in writing resumes diagnosing your opportunities. Reviews from our satisfied customers provide a guarantee on our promises.

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