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An SEO audit is an evaluative process that analyzes how well the contents on a website are conforming to the best SEO practices and performing on the search engines. SEO refers to search engine optimization and an SEO audit examines the effectiveness of optimization efforts in marketing. As suggested by the name, the audit is carried out based on optimization factors of search engines to determine if the contents are getting ranked higher as planned on the search engines which will increase a brand’s exposure.

Research has shown that of all the contents floating about on the search engines, the first 5 organic results on the first page of the search results account for approximately 67.60% of all the clicks. An SEO audit is the first step in creating an implementation plan which will provide measurable results. The purpose of an SEO audit is to identify any underlying issues that are affecting or will affect the organic search performance and mitigate them. An SEO audit will reveal website structure issues, potential off-site problems, on-page SEO issues, technical SEO issues, user experience issues, competitive marketplace insights, content gaps and opportunities, page speed, crawl budget analysis, etc.

An SEO audit is a comprehensive process that covers both content and structural components that affects the SEO visibility. It paints the bigger picture of what is happening with the ongoing marketing efforts and identifies any missing pieces that are not functioning appropriately or require correction.  It provides an insight into priorities revenue and goals for a brand and makes all the registry recommendations needed to the ladder up to the overarching business objectives. All SEO audit recommendations lay out a clear path to an actionable set off effort which guarantees a scalable result after the implementation of each recommendation.

A common mistake with SEO audits is being implemented at the later stages of launching a campaign and being rushed by business owners. An SEO audit is simply very sophisticated which takes time for uncovering the root causes that are affecting a brand’s online health and depending on the size of a site, a standard SEO audit takes about two to six weeks to complete. Due diligence must be adopted while implementing any major changes to a website and an SEO expert must be very thorough during the investigation for ensuring impactful and accurate recommendations.

Inteliqo Research and Services

Who are we?

Inteliqo Research and Services has been catering to international clients for improving their websites’ SEO health for years. We pride ourselves on being one of the best SEO agencies out there due to our experience in delivering measurable results. Our in house SEO strategists have been hired due to their previous excellence and regular training sessions are conducted by industry SEO experts to keep up with all the new developments. We utilize all the advanced tools out there for accurate data and performance analysis. We proudly stand out from others owing to the fact that our auditors don’t only rely on machine outputs but also offers insights from their experience and expertise that will not only suffice Google algorithms but also attract and retain organic traffic.

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