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Inteliqo Research and Services is an emerging Social Media handling and management service provider. We can mark your presence felt online on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and many more.

What is Social Media Handling?

Social media handling- inteliqo

Social Media handling or management is the process of making your presence felt online on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by creating content or blogs for the company or the brand.

Social Media Management is about getting closer to the users, having a two-way conversation, and making the customer engaged with the brand or the company.

Social Media Manager works on all contents or posts related to the brand or the company. Since traditional marketing or advertising can never make a company run, so to have a team for social media management makes a company work in a more effective manner.

inteliqo social media handling

Importance of Social Media in Branding.

In this digital age, everything is online, and social media management is a part and parcel of doing business. Promoting brands and products in social media is like advertising to users and it also makes customers compare among products, since, there are possibilities of getting more suggestions and hence, makes it easier to decide what to buy and what not to? On these basics, companies take up a survey and try to understand the needs, wants of their target audience.

Social Media Handling with different approach

Nowadays social media is no more only a communication or entertainment platform. It is now used to increase the number of clients from various media platforms with different means. But it is no more an easy task at all. Here Social media handling service or Social media management service company came.

Use of online platform and business branding.

Most of the big companies run their businesses through online platforms where they interact with the customers more deeply.

Social media handling- inteliqo
Some of the platforms of social media are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked, Pinterest and YouTube.
  • platform like the Facebook creates ads and features videos or content related to the brand and the company. Since, Facebook consists of millions of users and it’s easy to interact with them.
  • Twitter, unlike Facebook show more of news material about any product or brand. It usually focuses on a specific target audience.
  • Another social media platform is the Instagram, being used by more than billions of users and with increasing number of users it is reaching a standard to manage social media management services. Instagram’s ambience make it more connected to its users.

Social Media Management needs to create attractive ads and content with strong reflection to make users beguile more towards the brand and the products. Through media, your users get connected to influencers and firms who are a part of your industry. These can help in providing coverage to your company through the influencers, which can make you connect with their followers which pan out more exposure of your brand and company thus leading to an increase in the number of your users and clients.

Promoting your products online or through online advertisement is one of the easiest ways to have more purchasers, since; most of the users prefer doing online purchases and sales. Social Media Handling is applied by a plethora of business tycoons to make their purchases and sales avail to a mass audience.

Why us?

Inteliqo Research and Services caters to the expertise of understanding digital presence linked with a brand’s visibility. With years of experience in the areas of brand promotion and brand awareness, we at Inteliqo serving a plethora of clients across the globe and earned the tag of a client-centric business alliance. 

Get in touch with us and be assured of your social media presence with help from our team's expertise in social media handling.