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Software and technical writing refer to a writing style that conforms to a documenting process in the form of manuals, instructions etc. Traditionally its uses had been limited to some sorts of the user manuals which were lengthy and instructional.

Software and technical writing advancement

In present world technical writing refers to any technical information needs to be conveyed in writing across various industries such as engineering, finance, aerospace, biotech, supply chain, high tech manufacturing, software architecture etc. 

Due to its increasing demand in diverse fields, technical writing is a highly important skill in a professional workplace. 

software and technical writing intliqo

A study has shown that the demand for technical writing is expected to grow by 10% within a period of 10 years starting from 2014. This attests to the importance of technical writing in today’s world.

What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is often confused with business writing. This gap in knowledge leads to hiring the wrong writers or leaving out on the benefits of professional technical writing.

It is true that technical writing falls under the wing of business writing as they both deal with similar documents and topics. However, the process of technical writing and its outcomes are unique to any other form of writing. All the technical information written down has to be distilled and presented indetermenatly.

Some industry specific documents that require technical writing are software description, software terms & conditions, user interface text, product descriptions, memos, user manuals, balanced scorecards, proposals, white papers, executive summary etc.

Software writing and its relations to Technical writing

One of the most popular forms of technical writing is software writing. Technical writers are the only eligible writers for producing content for software.  To generalize software writing it can be broken down into 3 forms of writing- User guide, technical documentation and compliance documentation.

Types of Technical writing document, Inteliqo services

Here is a list of important points on software and technical writing.

  • User guide: The most popular software writing for documentation is user guides. A user guide describes how to use a particular application. It is clear and precise providing answers to any questions that might arise on the user’s end. A perfectly written user guide equals to a very easy to use application which ultimately makes the clients very happy.
  • Technical Documentation: Such documents in software writing include all necessary technical information such as database, type of frameworks or API used in the particular application.
  • Compliance Documentation: These are in detail and voluminous documents necessary mostly for bureaucracy’s sake. The document has to describe literally every possible detail of an app starting from its appearance to landing pages.

Do software writers have to be experts in subject knowledge?

No, software writing doesn’t need software engineers. An experienced technical writer is perfect for the job. Any technical writer introduced to IT can produce a state of the art documents. But independently hunting for such a technical writer would be a very difficult job. Hence it’s best to avail of the services of technical writing agencies.


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How to write terms and conditions for software?

Terms and conditions is very essential for managing user behavior, liability control, and protection of intellectual property as well as enforcement of rules when required. Though it is not a legal requirement according to any jurisdiction, it makes managing an app or website much easier while also providing protection against any unforeseeable circumstances.

The process of writing the terms and conditions for any software is quite a lengthy one and starts with preparedness before writing, fixating upon all the elements of the document individually and finally accumulating all the information in a clear and concise manner preferably with plain language.

The steps for writing a document based on Terms and Conditions for any software are briefly described below-

Step one :

  • Preparedness before writing the Terms and Conditions
  • Specify why it is needed and what is hoped to be accomplished with it. Otherwise, it is highly unlikely that a usable agreement will be created. In general, it should address any abuse of your service, limit liability and establish ownership of all trademarks, content etc.
  • Set the necessary ground rules such as age limit, prohibition of uploading and sharing sexually explicit content etc.
  • Fix an agreement location which could be at the footer or require a sign up etc.

Step two :

  • Basic elements of the Terms and Conditions
  • Introduction And Acceptance Of Agreement
  • Privacy Practices
  • Disclaimers or Limitation of Liability
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Advertising and Endorsements
  • Payment Terms
  • Termination
  • Notification Of Changes
  • Contact Information

Terms and Conditions in plain language: The document is usually very dense and difficult to navigate as well as understand. But recently it is becoming more and more common to find Terms and Conditions in plain language . Again which is also beneficial both for the software developers or marketers and the users. Users clearly understand all the conditions and you have a clear standing at trials as unclear documents can be trouble against you at court.

Why spend on expert software writing services?

Software writing documents are mostly meant for your company, clients, and compliance bodies such as auditors. Getting clearance for compliance is always complicated requiring multiple evaluations by auditors which just sets you back in time. The faster you get clearance, the faster you get to lock in more clients. Professional software writing service providers are highly experienced in this and can take all the technical writing headaches for you while you focus on the other ends of your business. Their documents are guaranteed to be up to standard because their expertise is bolstered by years of experience.

Besides, when it comes to producing documents for clients, they specialize in taking in as much as complex information required and condensing it into user friendly, concise content that the wide audience can easily understand. These are just a few of the situations among many where spending on software writing services will be a winning advantage for your company.

Why, Inteliqo Research and Services ?

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