Tiktok Influencer Stats You Need To Know In 2024

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You are probably already marketing on TikTok if you operate a business targeting youth. If not, then it’s time to include the social media platform in your marketing plan. As one of the world’s fastest-growing and most downloaded social media applications, TikTok is where trends are born, stars are made, and the latest hot products sell out in minutes. Tracking viral trends through understandings of TikTok users and the kind of content they want, brands can attain marketing ambitions with entertaining videos or TikTok ads.

Not yet convinced that TikTok is for you? Learn the latest TikTok influencer statistics by exploring who still sees your videos, how much time audiences spend on the tiktok app on average, and why working with Tiktok creators is an effective way to go.

Growth Trajectory: Unbelievable Numbers!

Fair enough, settle yourself because these stats are going to be mind-blowing.

  • Active tiktok Users: According to the latest report, TikTok has more than 1 billion users (source: tiktok.com) around the globe. Yep, you heard that right! It’s like the entire population of a huge country being addicted to one platform.
  • Influencer Boom: Since the number of users on tiktok is so immense, it is hardly surprising that thousands of influential’s have already sprung up there. Millions of others from all strata of society are jumping aboard the TikTok bandwagon.

Demographics Statistics : Who’s Watching and Creating?

Who are the people causing the ruckus on TikTok? Let’s find out. Let’s break it down:

Age group tiktok statistics
Tiktok Age group statistics
  • Age Group: What’s surprising is that TikTok is not, in fact, an app exclusively for Gen Z TikTok users. Although TikTok has a large portion of users who do indeed fall into the 16-24-year age group, there’s also a rapidly increasing number of 25-45-year-old users. Thus, if you believed that TikTok was a ‘youngsters game,’ think again!
  • Gender Distribution: Actually, TikTok’s proportions of men and women are about equal. Males and females have joined in creating and consuming the content.

How many TikTok influentials are there and how influential are they on Tiktok?

It is estimated to be over 100,000 influencers on TikTok. The breakdown of influencer numbers on TikTok by audience size is as follows:

Tiktok data

  • 5,000–10,000 followers: 1,840
  • 10,000–50,000 followers: 25,193
  • 50,000–100,000 followers: 42,879
  • 100,000–250,000 followers: 33,503
  • 250,000–1 million followers: 24,024
  • 1 million+ followers: 8,931

You can get influencers on TikTok working with brands who have just 1,000 followers. These are called nano-influencers. This leaves small marketing budget brands to the micro-influencers with highly engaged tiktok audiences. There are no fixed rates for working with influencers, but typically prices increase according to audience size.

On the other hand, there are plenty of influential creators you can work with to be certain that you’ll get a return on your investment. Of course, you have to work with the influencers who are relevant to your brand and can be your authentic voice. According to TikTok’s own research, users turn to influencers to make purchase decisions:

  • TikTok creators are trusted by 74 % of Gen Z social media and video platform users. (Source: socialcoach.io)
  • Moreover, Gen Z TikTokeners are twice as likely as non-users to participate in a livestream if prompted to do so by an influencer.
  • 65% of TikTok users report that they made a purchase because a product was featured in TikTok creator content (Source: Tiktok.com)

Tiktok influencer stats

Interested in learning about how to use TikTok for business? You certainly aren’t alone! To go viral Many business owners have been willing to take a risk by jumping on the bandwagon and posting short videos onto TikTok. Here are some key TikTok stats that would be worthwhile for business owners to know:

RIVAL IQ says the average Tiktok user engagement rate is over 5.7% (Source: megadigital.ai)

Businesses advertising on social media clearly need to pay attention to this measure of engagement. It’s not just that it indicates that people are responding to your content, but an account with high engagement gets a boost from the algorithms.

Figures from the U.S. indicate that influencers achieve an engagement rate of almost 18%. This is an excellent reason for brands to try TikTok. Actually, it appears that the engagement rate is even higher for micro-influencers (less than 15,000 followers).

Infographic Summarising TikTok User Growth and Engagement Statistics
Infographic Summarising TikTok User Growth and Engagement Statistics
  1. It is said that TikTok pays influencers US $ 500 to tempt them into the app and begin making videos. It’s working well though. The platform is expanding rapidly.
  2. Sensor Tower reports that TikTok was the second most downloaded app in the U.S. in November (behind only Disney+).
  3. According to TechCrunch/Apptopia, TikTok’s fourth quarter 2019 revenue was up over 300 % from the same period a year ago.
  4. Ironically, douyin in mainland China (the Chinese name for TikTok) has only recently reached 400 million daily users (and its most active dance video makers are over 60 years old)
  5. Spotify is usually a song that has hit the top of some trending list. Illustrates the real power of the platform.
  6. TikTok itself operates a platform known as the TikTok Creator Marketplace that lists thousands of profiles of Tik Tok creators. Creators can look around the marketplace for brands whose audience makes a good fit with their campaign target market
  7. There was 46 % year-on-year growth of Downloads for TikToK with its 104 million downloads in August.
  8. Engagement –  It is difficult to determine what engagement is. However, the interaction on TikTok is of an altogether different level. Case in point: Jennifer Lopez just posted it on Twitter and TikTok. She boasts 45 million Twitter followers and 5 million TikTok followers. Off 45 million followers, the video on Twitter had 2 million views. Its video, off TikTok’s 5 million followers, received 71 million views. So start using TikTok now. Recently they have begun nightly programming, that I am sure is conditioning Gen Z to turn the knob at regular times just as appointment-based TV did back in the good old days. The number of engagements has also risen considerably in the last few months. According to the New York Times, TikTok has grown more and more popular since Coronavirus first broke out.
  9. TikTok recently established a US $ 1 Billion Creator Fund. TikTok will now pay this money directly to the tiktok content creators involved, in an attempt to strengthen ties with its influencers. Whether it’s Facebook’s Reels, YouTube’s Shorts, former Vine founder Byte or Triller, TikTok has any number of competitors large and small. For the platform, this fund should be very effective.
  10. Forbes put out a report on the highest-earning TikTok stars. Taking over at number one is Addison Rae with $ 5 Million, second is Charli D ’ Amelio at $ 4 Million and third is her sister Dixie Morgan with $ 2.9 Million.

TikTok & Marketing

TikTok has become a marketing powerhouse in recent years, giving businesses unparalleled access to the masses. Through these attributes, including tiktok app’s viral challenges and influencers, brands can sell anything to any audience through a presentation specific to them. So, influencer marketing statistics on TikTok has already become an expectation for many brands and agencies.

Influencer marketing will reach US $ 21.1 billion in value worldwide

In 2016 the global market for influencer marketing of tiktok had reached US $ 1.7 billion. Yet it has expanded considerably over the years, and in 2022 was estimated to be worth US $ 16.4 billion. The market is projected to expand at an additional 29 % to reach US $ 21.1 billion in value this year.

Influencer marketing market size worldwide from 2016 to 2023
Influencer marketing market size worldwide from 2016 to 2023 stats

Vast majority of people still consider influencer marketing to be a able tool

In fact, over 83 % of respondents believe that influencer marketing is an efficient method for promoting products and services. This response implies that even though influencer marketing has suffered through criticism and setbacks, from the eyes of most consumers it is still seen as a good thing.

 Among brand-oriented influencer marketing, more than half favour TikTok.

The emergence of social mediausers  has opened up a new marketing channel for brands. In recent years, influencer marketing has become an extremely effective branded content approach to interact with audiences.

According to current data, most brands employing the strategy of influencer marketing use TikTok as a platform (55.5 % prefer it over other platforms) (Source: influencity.com). That’s a pretty huge leap, especially considering that until last year TikTok was in the shadow of third-party influencer marketing brand Instagram. But this year it ranked second with 50.8 %. Next comes Facebook (42.1 %) and then YouTube (38.3 %). (Source: Backlinko.com)

US TikTok Influencer Statistics

In the US, 10M people can be considered influential. Female influencers in TikTok may be more obvious among them. In particular, there are 4.7M female influencers. Furthermore, only 2.8M influencers are male. Lastly, there are neutral-sex influencers at 2.5M.

There are numerous influencers in Latin America, and our platform has over 12M members. Of these, 3.3M are males and 6.3M are females (influencers who don’t fall into the male or female categories compose just 2.5 %). Influencers differ in number from country to country. Brazil, for example, boasts 5.5M influentials. Mexico, with 2.47M influencers and Argentina, with 903,738 influencers are other prime examples as well.

In almost all the countries in LATAM, female influencers maintain a commanding presence. Take Mexico for example, where there are 1.2 million female influencers compared to 2.9M in Brazil. This means that mickents are active in the influencer market on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. There are also male influencers in large numbers. Most countries reach hundreds of thousands, and even Brazil has 1.5M. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that in some LATAM countries and territories, male influencers take up a slightly lower proportion than females.

TikTok for Business Statistics

85% of brands planned to increase their TikTok advertising spend (Source: mmi-analytics.com)

Performance Marketing World suggests that 85 % of brands wish to spend more on TikTok in 2023. It looks like this is a bleak comparison to the 39 % who plan to raise their Meta allocations.

TikTok for Business Statistics
TikTok for Business Statistics

As more brands recognize the potential this video-sharing platform offers, it will be increasingly crowded. So it only makes sense for brands to get on the bandwagon now and become famous.

What’s TikTok’s engagement rate?

In 2023, TikTok is by far the engagement leader with an average of 5.69 %, while social media titans Facebook, Instagram and Twitter fall short. This seems to signify that brands can get a great deal of tiktok engagement value out of the creators they partner with. But as always the case, you need to see how much each creator charges for her or his work. In particular, some of the biggest names on TikTok have rates of below 3 %, which is well below average

The average rate of nano-influencers (those with 1,000 to 10,000 Followers) in 2022 is still an impressive 15.2 %. (Source: Shopify.com). For brands, this is excellent news. But that involves working with smaller influencers who not only get lower rates, but also access more highly engaged audiences.

Whether or not you choose to use TikTok will also differ by industry. Some types of content are clearly better suited to the platform, and some industries and subjects have higher growth than others. Those categories are:

  • Higher education (16.26%)
  • Sports (9.18%)
  • Travel (7.43%)
  • Financial services (7.41%)
  • Non-profits (7.36%)
  • Food and beverage (6.84%)

Expert Opinion

I think that understanding TikTok influencer statistics thoroughly is very important. Otherwise, it will be impossible for a brand or a person to use the platform effectively. Influencer statistics offer perhaps the clearest view of human behaviour, user interaction, and trends. In the rapidly changing social media world we live in, it’s clear to see that TikTok is not merely a passing fad but a sea change in how people consume and create content. Both brands and influencers need to keep their fingers on the pulse of these trends, adjusting tactics accordingly. If we can learn to open our arms and accept the strength of Tik-Tok, all underpinned by those hard facts and figures, then I think that must be a way forward for successful digital endeavours.

Most of the brands pay influencers now rather than providing free samples

In recent years there has been a significant shift in responses to this question. In the past, people handing out free samples outnumbered those paying cash to influentials. The numbers were evenly matched last year. Nonetheless, this year there was a clear rise in the number of respondents who said that they pay influencers (41.6 %), compared to those who simply give them free products (29.5 %) (Source: influencermarketinghub.com). What’s more, 17.7 % discounted their product or service for an influencer (presumably something pricier), while only 11.2 % offered that influential person a giveaway.

Infographic summarising Influencer marketing stats
Infographic summarising Influencer marketing stats

On the other hand, although more and more brands now get influencers to help promote their stuff for money rather than free of charge, at least 41.6 % still represent less than half very much valued sense-making power. This surely is a testament to just how many firms work with micro and nano-influencers. For these relative newcomers, it is enough to take their pay in kind. I assume that these are mainly large firms with a bigger marketing outlay who offer influencers money. Nevertheless, today this is slowly starting to change with even nano and micro-influencers realizing that they are worth something.


From the in-depth breakdown of currently available TikTok statistics, it is not hard to see that this social platform has already taken off and boasts a huge amount of influence over people’s consumption and sharing habits.

Many marketers have already discovered that TikTok is a veritable social media marketing dynamo, with the huge popularity of this platform making it an important channel for many businesses and tiktok influencers trying to reach large audiences within specific industries or age groups. All in all, it is perhaps not going too far to say that TikTok’s development and status are both remarkable.

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