Which hosting is cheaper than DigitalOcean?

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For many years, I have used Digital Ocean, but lately, I have been looking for some budget-friendly alternatives. I was also interested in hassle free hosting that would automatically manage my networking and storage requirements. I sought for public cloud services and an easy to use interface that is both intuitive and interactive. Essentially, I am a user who wants to explore various options and there are many alternatives for DigitalOcean that could work great for my business.


After browsing around, I discovered a few that were interesting to me. DigitalOcean is great but may require significant funds, especially if one runs many projects concurrently or wishes to scale up. Last time I checked, basic droplets from DigitalOcean cost $6 per month, while Managed Kubernetes plan begins at $12 per month, and the following plans are priced accordingly depending on resource needs. However, Go Daddy, Hostinger, and the other options have plans that are not only cheap but occasionally come with more items and assets.

digital ocean cpu pricing 4gb ram with 2 intel CPU's is $32 per month

So, try these options out, check that any of these works for your projects and save money. I did my best to test every cloud host I could find that offers enhanced support mechanisms and easy-to-use environments with minimal impact on overall performance. Here, I have narrowed down best 8 hosting. Among these sites, Hostinger turned out to be superior.

List of hosting- cheaper then DigitalOcean

1. Go Daddy-

homepage of godaddy

Recently, I visited GoDaddy and was happy with what I found out. It’s not just a catchy name – they actually provide domain registration, quality hosting services, and a whole stack of useful online tools, which allows the company to be a full-package solution provider for all kinds of websites. For simplicity and one-stop shops, you can always count on GoDaddy. Cost efficiencies make it possible for Go Daddy to offer a hosting package of $4.99/month, which is affordable for the majority of users as it operates to a large scale as a domain registrar. On the other hand, DigitalOcean’s basic charges start at $6/month for much higher levels of safety.

godaddy control panel
godaddy website control panel


Technology: GoDaddy makes use of a combination of linux and windows servers, mysql databases as well as other programming languages such as PHP. The cPanel is used for managing hosting.

User-Friendliness: Although the seas are sometimes unforgiving, but Go Daddy’s easy-to-use interface can serve as a trustworthy guide and help even the least experienced sailors steer through the rough waters of web hosting.

Server Response Time: It is worth noting that GoDaddy’s often tests yield more than 1000 milliseconds. For some of the best hosting companies, their responses are within average speed of about 300 milliseconds.

Pricing: GoDaddy offers basic shared hosting starting from $3 per month. One can also purchase more sophisticated dedicated hosting plans for as much as $12.03(Rs 999 in India) per month!

godaddy pricing plans

2. Hostinger:

homepage of hostinger

I came across a gem, Hostinger, for cheap, high-quality hosting. Hostinger has good features, is reliable and perfect for beginners in the sector at low costs. Hostinger is a good option when you want an uncomplicated hosting experience when just starting out.

At $1.39/month, Hostinger has managed to deliver one of the most affordable hosting packages in the market because of its streamlined business model and efficient use of resources. In contrast, DigitalOcean’s basic plans beginning at $6 monthly provide a separate range of functions.

hostinger control panel Which hosting is cheaper than DigitalOcean


Technology: Hostinger utilizes cloud based infrastructure with LiteSpeed web servers, SSD storage and most up-to-date PHP version. Typically, with Linux and Linux in its hood, it runs LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Php) or LEMP (Linux, Ngnix, MySql, Php). It is designed for speed and efficiency.

User-Friendliness: Hostinger’s user-friendly interface serves as a friendly lighthouse guiding ships to safety in the journey onboard.

Server Response Time: Their server responses are also very good and these usually never go beyond 200 milliseconds. Hostinger’s servers are light, quickly responding to a request and navigating your website past the electronic seas.

Pricing: In addition, it offers shared hosting with a monthly fee starting at $1.39. The monthly payment for the premium is just 2.49pound. It promotes affordability in competitive shared hosting plans but does not compromise on performance.

hostinger pricing plans Which hosting is cheaper than DigitalOcean

3. GreenGeeks:

homepage of greengeeks

Conscious about the environment? GreenGeeks provides ecofriendly web hosting services. They are dedicated to renewable energy and offer a reliable hosting. GreenGeeks is suitable for eco-minded Internet users who try to keep digital carbon footprint under control but still maintain a strong image online.

GreenGeeks’ dedication to sustainable hosting is demonstrated in its low initial price at $2.95 monthly, which attracts users who are environmentally conscious as well as budget-conscious. Some users may be drawn to DigitalOcean’s cheapest plans that cost $6 a month.

greengeeks control panel Which hosting is cheaper than DigitalOcean


Technology: GreenGeeks relies on an assortment of Linux based servers, Apache web servers and adopts SSD storage for faster speeds. They ensure to use green power, which is the energy required for hosting.

User-Friendliness: GreenGeeks waters are navigable in a straightforward way. It has a user interface that targets both novice users and advanced sailors.

Server Response Time: The sever response time for GreenGeeks’ servers, which stands at 100-200 ms, delivers on all counts, both in performance and in alignment with one’s environmental values.

Pricing: GreenGeeks’ hosting begins at $2.95 per month stressing the eco-friendly policy. It is a combination of affordability and commitment to an environmentally responsible hosting with shared hosting and reseller options.

greengeeks pricing plans

4. A2 Hosting:

homepage of a2 hosting Which hosting is cheaper than DigitalOcean

Listen to this, speed lovers – performance is everything for A2 Hosting. Recently, i decided to test drive their optimised servers for top of a class speed. A2 Hosting also offers good customer support along with impressive performance, thus, making it a preferred choice for those who are concerned about the website speed and support.

A2 Hosting has been able to set competitive starting price of $1.99/month due to its focus on speed and efficiency thus making it a cost-efficient option for those looking for speed and efficiency. However, a cheaper option which you can choose is DigitalOcean which comes with the initial package costs $4 monthly.

a2 hosting dashboard


Technology: A2 Hosting sails upon the latest technologies, such as Solid state drive and optimized server system. These multiple web hosting services support multiple programming languages like PHP, Python, and Perl, among others.

User-Friendliness: A2 Hosting’s interface is created with developers in mind but it also enables setting sail without a major technical background.

Server Response Time: Just as its name implies, A2 Hosting has high speed server response for websites and applications to load quickly. For A2 Hosting, it is a server response that goes less than 300 milliseconds.

Pricing: A2 hosted shared hosting plan starts from $1.99 on a monthly basis. Some firms choose to be quicker rather than efficient. They may choose to use the Turbo Boost that cost $5.99 monthly.

a2 hosting pricing plans Which hosting is cheaper than DigitalOcean

5. Namecheap:

homepage of namecheap

Looking for an affordable domain yet of good quality? Look no further than Namecheap. In fact, I’ve just discovered that they provide great value for money in terms of a low-cost domain registration recently. They also provide host services, making Namecheap one of the best alternatives of starting an online business without denting one’s pocket.

Namecheap is famous for providing affordable domain registration and now offers cheap hosting at just $1.44 per month. Unlike DigitalOcean’s, which offer simple plans as low as $6 per month each catering for a different preference, budget and choice.

namecheap dashboard Which hosting is cheaper than DigitalOcean


Technology: Namecheap relies on cPanel for the management of hosting, using combination of Linux servers, Apache web servers, and SSD storage to increase performance. It provides simple and affordable hosting service.

User-Friendliness: As the name goes, Namecheap’s interface is quite intuitive and it, therefore, makes a good choice for newbies and people who are looking for hassles free hosting.

Server Response Time: Namecheap’s servers are very responsive such that visitors will have no issues navigating through your site. Server response time of Namecheap is lesser than 400 milliseconds than its competitors.

Pricing: Cost-effective shared hosting from namecheap begins at $1.98 monthly. Namecheap is a brand recognized for domain services offering simple and cheap hosting options.

namecheap pricing plans Which hosting is cheaper than DigitalOcean

Although some options that I have tried are not necessarily the cheapest in the sea of options, they are at least unique in relation to performance and fashionability. With regard to its simplicity, Go Daddy, Shopify, and Squarespace are its competitors. Although not the most frugal ports, these alternatives provide an upmarket experience with state of the art technology. The ‘pocket stars’ of the industry are Hostinger, Elementor, GreenGeeks, A2 Hosting, and Namecheap, which assure uncomplicated ride without the emptying of a wallet. Thus, whether you are looking for cost-effectiveness or just want to sail with the flow of fashion, our journey has revealed ports for every sailor.

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