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White Papers are an age-old platform for the dispersion of information.

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What is White Paper writing?​

It’s an approach that brings a report or guide that informs readers about a complex issues.

In other words a white paper is a formal report that advocates a particular position,  through analyzing technical knowledge which leads to high lead generation.

A professional written white paper requires a very well calculated writing style. Which is not merely sharing information but lays down the foundation for problem solving. 

A well informed white paper can influence the decision-making process. It establishes the company as a thought leader in the eyes of potential customers. It will convinces them through text-heavy and scholarly written content.

White Papers are an age-old platform for the dispersion of information.

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white paper is an authoritative document intended to fully inform the reader on a particular topic. It combines expert knowledge and research into a document that argues for a specific solution or recommendation.

It is an age-old platform for dispersion of information. Yet many companies are unaware of its prowess in content marking feeling that it is outdated and not tech-savvy. We, at Inteliqo Services, provide professional white paper writing services to initiate a buyer’s educative journey into your business by providing analytical insights and taking your business to new heights never ventured into before.

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What is best White Paper writing practice?

The best white paper writing practices start with a formal written report. This includes citations and graphs or infographics to assure the readers of the reliability of its contents.

The language should be grammatically correct, simple and free of excessive jargon. The length and design of the content must be mind mapped beforehand according to trends in personas of the target buyers.

For instance, the length and design of the content should be such that, a 5-minute glance gives a clear idea of the gist of the content and a maximum of 30 minutes is required to thoroughly assess it. This basis of this strategy has been demonstrated in the graph below.

info 1 white paper inteliqo

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Important of a professional white paper writing.

With technological advancement, the content marketing arena is now crowded with Podcasts, Videos, EBooks etc. The informality of these modes of marketing resulting in direct interaction with customers. Which has led to the popular concern that white papers are too primitive to guarantee a competitive edge in today’s market.

This is a very ill concocted notion and facts have established that white Papers are worth a company’s budget. Though white papers don’t seem as exciting, their influence in making a purchase decision. This is equivalent to or higher than E-book or blogs as depicted in the graph.

The effective application of a white paper lies in providing shareable information. The information that walks the reader through all the avenues of solving the problem topic.

A professional white paper attributes to generating leads.  As the content establishes itself as a solution by a systemic presentation of credible information.

The graph below demonstrates why white papers are an effective means for lead generation. About 67% of the users of whitepaper found this media to be very valuable for generating leads while only 19% of users found it to be not valuable at all.

info 2 white paper

Why Hire A White Paper Writing Agency?

Decision makers, especially in the B2B industry, resort to white papers for acquiring information prior to making a decision. A research found out that 83% of users found white papers to be moderate. It will extremely influential in ensuing a decision. While only 1% expressed the opinion that white papers are not influential at all.

This staggering statistics is further backed up by another survey on IT professionals. Who showed that 72% of the respondents found white papers to be extremely helpful in their decision-making process.

A white paper writing agency harbor experienced and professional writers who create palpable documents. The buyers can refer to while conducting their research before arriving at a decision.

As a white paper document has inside information and analytics of business, confidentiality is a concern that cannot be left to chance. Only professional writers can be trusted to generate the perfect research based document. And at the same time maintain utmost clandestineness which comes as second nature in this profession.

Why Do You Need Us to prepare White Paper for you?

We have a team of dedicated white paper writers who are experienced in writing aggressive content in a subtle tone. The reader is gently led towards conviction In accordance with your perspective and walks away with the satisfaction that the information presented by your organization is a premier resource on the particular field of subject. We assign at least two writers for ensuring Excellency in content, research and grammar as it is a proven best practice for white paper writing.

On average, 68% of readers contact the organization after a white paper engagement to know more information. So what are you waiting for? Call us at +61488871422(Australia), +917002941316(India) toutilize our services and maximize your lead generation!

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