SEO content writing is the cornerstone of success in today’s era of digital marketing. SEO is the abbreviated form of search engine optimization. This naturally explains that SEO content writing is the process of creating and planning optimized content with the goal of a better ranking on search engines.

Ranking refers to the position of published content on the search engine results page which is the determinant factor of capturing organic traffic. A study has shown that the first five organic results get 67.60% of all the clicks while only 5.7% of pages will get a ranking in the top 10 results within a year after the date of publication. All the content on the internet is competing for a spot on the first page of the search results which is why SEO content writing is higher competitive and better left to the professionals.

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Contents can make or break a brand which has led to the popularity of content writing as a frontrunner of digital marketing efforts. Google is the most happening marketplace followed by other search engines. A study has shown that Google has received approximately 2.3 trillion searches last year which indicates its potential for customer outreach. Millions of searches mean millions of customers within your reach only if your content is optimized properly for utilizing this potential.

SEO content writing requires both creativity and technical sophistication

SEO content writing is targeted for search engines and specific search queries. It requires a lot of research into keyword research and audience insights. The aim of SEO content is not only to rank higher but also to drive qualified and targeted traffic.

The four main elements in SEO content writing is identifying primary and secondary keywords, determination and application of a strong correlation with placement and rank of keywords throughout the body of the content, inclusion of keyword variation in accordance with relevancy, and lastly an in-depth competitor analysis on rivals who are thriving from successful on-page SEO. An effective trick is to study the rivals’ contents for keywords, images, videos, etc. to learn what Google is prioritizing and remove or add approximately 15% of the content for varying from what’s ranking and now your content is off to the races.

Keyword research is the backbone of any SEO optimized content

For generating organic traffic through search inquiries the first step is doing keyword research before creating content for the Internet. Keyword research holds such importance because the most popular search engine Google has algorithms that identify the most trending keywords and link it to any published content for coming up in the search results. By doing keyword research, a piece of content can be created by focusing on keywords for which a search volume already exists to a certain amount. This makes sure the content covers the topics that people are already enquiring about most. The next step is to saturate the content with the right keyword density for maximum searchability.

But, keyword analysis is not all

It is not possible to attract organic traffic by just focusing on Search engine ranking. To appease both the search engines and potential customers, the content must offer value beyond technical optimization.  Google algorithms are intelligent and upgrading continuously. They attach more value to the content that conforms to user behavior both in terms of keywords as well as relevance and originality. Only the contents that offer a heightened user experience get a place on the first page of the search engine.

Another aspect of optimization is -Backlinking

Backlinking refers to linking one website to another which establishes the authoritative presence of content on the internet. In essence, search engines interpret backlinks to a piece of content as a vote of confidence from others. When numerous sites link to the same content, the search engine algorithms infer that the content which has been published is worth linking to and therefore also deserves a place on SERP. Thus, link building is also an important part of search engine optimization which affects the ranking position and ultimately the search visibility.

Earning backlinks falls under the wing of off-site SEO. Some backlinks are more valuable than others. Backlinks from popular trustworthy and high authority sites are more desirable which is why it is essential to focus on high-quality SEO content writing. Backlinks are very time consuming to earn. New content or old ones expanding on their keyword footprint often find it difficult to navigate around link building which is where backlink research comes in. Competitive backlink research helps to gain an insight into the link building that has previously helped the rivals on the market and target those domains for link building campaigns.

Thus in general, the more backlinks a content has, the more organic traffic it attracts. Surprisingly about 66.31% of published pages don’t have any backlinks which shows the inefficiency of content writers in optimization efforts. This is exactly why the expertise of reputed SEO strategists must be availed of for running a successful optimization campaign.

Professional SEO content writers

All the technicalities regarding search engine optimization make it seem overwhelming and rightfully so. It is a difficult feat to accomplish for inexperienced and new writers which is why experienced SEO experts must be consulted for targeted optimization. Professional SEO content writers know how to conduct keyword research using sophisticated tools and launch a successful link building campaign. They guarantee a scalable result after running a campaign which helps boost a business by acquiring customers and increasing sales.

Hiring the services of SEO experts is quite expensive yet it is much cheaper than traditional marketing approaches. A study has shown that digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing by 62%. Thus availing of professional SEO writing services is the most reasonable marketing expenditure even for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

How SEO content writing boosts your business?

A study by BrightEdge has shown that 60% of all online experiences start with the search engine for potential customers while 53% of all the website traffic is derived from organic searches. Another research by Ahrefs established that almost 90.63% of the published pages on the internet get no organic traffic from Google which points to the importance of SEO content writing for the success of any digital marketing efforts. This statistical data prove that is SEO optimization boosts customer acquisition and consequentially the returns on the investments made by any company.


Who are we?

We, Inteliqo Research and Services, are a content writing agency specializing in SEO content writing. We have years of experience in catering to a diverse international clientele for their content optimization needs. Our SEO content writers are hired based on their excellence and regularly trained as well as moderated by industry special SEO experts for planning and implementing the perfect SEO content strategy.

A common mishap by SEO agencies is overstuffing content with keywords or solely targeting search engine ranking which helps a company to get a higher placement on the search results but fails to successfully drive organic traffic. We maintain a strict policy against this abhorrence and our writers add the perfect human touch to your content satiates the intelligent algorithms for ranking and also attracts potential customers in making a click ultimately arriving at a purchase decision.

Why are we the best?

We blend the perfect balance of on-site and off-site SEO for optimization campaigns because this balanced approach wins. Just focusing on on-site optimization yields a fast result but for a brief time while all off-site optimization effort yields a long, slow slog. A balanced approach guarantees a significant growth over approximately 6 months as proved by previous research demonstrated in the graphical representation below-

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