Google recently announced the rollout of new AI technologies suite that will make its products even more cutting edge and user-friendly. Gmail, Slides, Meet, and Docs all have brand new features made possible by AI thanks to the IT giant.

The addition of AI-powered reply and summary capabilities for Gmail is one of the most interesting new features. The capability allows users to swiftly and simply reply to emails and see a synopsis of the messages they have received. To further facilitate the creation of interesting presentations, Google has added a new AI-powered tool to Slides that can produce graphics, music, and video.

Google has released a new app called Meet, which has a built-in note-taking feature that use artificial intelligence to take notes during meetings. Users may be certain that they won’t miss a beat in the meeting thanks to this time-saving addition.

New writing and proofreading tools driven by AI have been added to Google Docs, with the ability to automatically fix grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

Google has published the PaLM API for programmers so that they may have access to robust language models and create unique AI programs. Developers can now create PaLM-based generative AI apps much more quickly with the help of the new MakerSuite tool.

With these exciting new AI features, Google is set to revolutionize the way we work and communicate online, making it easier than ever to create, collaborate, and stay productive.